First Listen: How To Destroy Angels Streams Their New EP ‘An Omen’ Online


Last week we got to see the official music video for How To Destroy Angels’s new single Keep It Together, from their forthcoming new EP titled An Omen. Today … we get to hear the entire EP in full right here, right now on the blog. A Soundcloud stream of the EP has been made available by the band ahead of its official release later this month. Click below to hear the entire 6 song EP and see what you think.

I’ve listened to the EP a couple of times now and I have to say, yeah, it’s different. I hear echos of the Ghosts instrumentals that we got a few years ago but there is no way anyone can say this EP sounds like Nine Inch Nails … and that is exactly the point. It sounds to me like Trent Reznor is stretching himself to create new sounds for a new time in his life. I have to say, the stringed instrument use (the one that sounds like a banjo) is a bit jarring for me. Ice Age sounds like a major departure from anything that TR has ever released. I’ll have to give the EP a few more listens before I make a final determination but I do love how surprising this new music sounds. I’m really looking forward to hearing this stuff performed live. What do y’all think? Any hardcore NIN fans out there? Thoughts?