Yes We Did, Again


Welp, we did it. The United States of America, by a slim majority, reelected President Barack Obama for a second 4 year term as our leader. I cannot even tell you how relieved I was last night when the election was called in his favor. Because I was really anxious in the days leading up to yesterday’s election, I went to the polls at 7 AM when they opened in my district to cast my vote. Many of y’all also made your way to the polls and graciously shared photos of your I Voted stickers with me so that I could, in turn, share them with everyone else. Click below to see my photos and a sample of the I Voted stickers that were submitted yesterday.

I couldn’t help but want to take photos of my personal voting process. All over Facebook and social media, everyone was freaking out how it is ILLEGAL TO POST PHOTOS OF BALLOTS and the talk was that EVERYONE WOULD GET BUSTED FOR A FEDERAL FELONY. While it’s true that some states outlaw the use of cameras in polling places and/or the photography of ballots, those laws are ridiculously outdated. To my knowledge, no one was busted for taking photos of any ballots and no votes were invalidated. In any event, I was happy to share my experience with everyone.

I love the I Voted stickers that were submitted back in 2008 so much that I wanted to see them again this year. Here are some of the photos that were submitted:

I picked these photos at random of all the photos submitted. You can see the full collection of I Voted photos HERE. I know some photos are still coming in, and please by all means — send them in. I’ll add all of the photos submitted to this album. It’s really amazing to see so many happy faces, people proudly showing their voter pride. Some people are saying that America is changing … I think America has already changed, for the better. We move onward, we make progress … we move FORWARD for a better America. Damn, it feels really good to be an American citizen right now.

Today, I fly back to Detroit for a quick trip that will literally have me there and back in just a few days. I am seeing Madonna back home in OUR home state tomorrow night so … away I go! Happy Wednesday!

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  • blb

    HUGE sigh of relief. p.s. NYCers don’t get “i voted” stickers :(

  • Jackie

    I got an “I voted” sticker in NYC, but it wasn’t at the voting site, a couple of girls were handing them out near my job. They were Comedy Central’s voted stickers. I had to get one. :)

  • Meghan

    True, true change has come to this country. We are a much more moderate people who believe gays should be able to marry and women should have equal pay. We are moving away from the old white male dominated politics and its wonderful. The Republican party must change it’s views to fit this modern era or they will be run over!

  • Alejandra

    I didn’t realize Americans had more than two options for Prez/VP!

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Didn’t have the option to vote for Rosanne for Pres in Michigan. I feel cheated!

  • Leah

    I know I’m a couple days late but had to share this story… I couldn’t find my voter registration card so went to vote with my DL, passport and SS card… They first told me they couldn’t find me registered at all, then they told me my registration had expired, then they told me I was still registered in my former county. Now, I moved 6 months ago, changed my address as required on both my driver license AND my voter registration, yet I was not able to vote. SURELY had nothing to do with being a registered Democrat in Texas, right?
    So I go home, continue tearing the house apart looking for that damn card, and my husband comes in while I’m on the floor elbow-deep in files. I’m telling him about it and literally start crying, I was so upset. I knew my vote wouldn’t make a difference here but it was just the principle.. not to mention if I, an educated, white, middle-class, property owner was having this much trouble, who else was being kept from the polls? My husband – who is a great guy but a total Romney fan, and was about to go cast his ballot – said he’d vote for Obama for me.


    So we went back, he voted for President Obama (I watched over his shoulder to make sure lol) and I was like SUCK IT POLL WORKERS!