Robert Pattinson Gets All Fashiony For ‘L’Uomo Vogue’ Magazine


Robert Pattinson, who is currently working overtime promoting the forthcoming release of the final Twilight film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of L’Uomo Vogue magazine. As you may know, L’Uomo Vogue is a European men’s fashion magazine and their photoshoots tend to be … arty. As you can see in the photos below, R. Pattz goes all in with L’Uomo Vogue by modeling some strong looks and posing in interesting ways. You know you wanna see so … let’s go.

Before he came on the scene, vampires were old, loners, tormented. They lived hidden away in spooky mansions, they enveloped themselves in dark, heavy cloaks and wandered alone, thirsting for blood, in the night hours. In daytime, they would sleep in the darkness of a massive coffin secreted in a shadowy vault or crypt to protect themselves from contact with lethal sunlight. With him, however, everything changed. Thanks to the legendary Edward Cullen, the character Robert Pattinson plays in the Twilight saga, the undead have entered a new era: that of the post-vampires. Young, good-looking, they go out in the day. “How many years have you been seventeen?” they ask each other, smiling, in an attempt to give a measure of their eternity. Because death is no longer inevitable in the Twilight world. In fact they are not dead and they never will die. They are not condemned to die.

Unlike the old vampires – the ones played by Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee – post-vampires are not condemned to a life of eternal darkness in exchange for the “dark gift” of immortality. On the contrary, assisted by the fact that they live in a town in the state of Washington, where the sky is always grey and the sun rarely shines, they mix with other teenagers, they go to the same high school, they blend into the community. It became an instant cult: teenage communities across the world gather together on Facebook to exchange adoring messages about Robert Pattinson or his character, Edward Cullen, and they never tire of watching them again and again in hundreds of YouTube videos and trailers. Go see: some videos have exceeded 18 million views. Robert Pattinson is the living icon of this social cult: the body/symbol which encapsulates a kind of long-awaited anthropological mutation that makes his Edward a sort of prophet or messiah. Almost a Moses of post-vampirism, behind whom advance swarms of neo-vampires created mainly by women novelists (not onlyTwilight ‘s Stephenie Meyer but also Anne Rice, Lisa Jane Smith, Charlaine Harris, and many others) and made into a media phenomenon through TV series like True Blood or The Vampire Diaries.

Tousled but monotonous, tormented though not excessively, unconventional yet reassuring, Pattinson’s vampire differs in several significant ways from the blood-suckers of the past, ones with pale/spectral skin and a very obvious hypertrophy of the canine teeth, who trod the streets of plague-stricken towns. They bit to extract the “juice of life”; he forgoes human victims and chooses to drink only animal blood just to be able to mix with humans. As if he were a philanthropist vampire with a penchant for good works.

So … this photoshoot … is interesting, yes? Honestly, the article is pretty interesting … but it’s hard to even focus on the printed word when you see R. Pattz wearing a tricorned hat and a cape. The photos, yeah, they’re silly … but fashion is silly sometimes so. Good for R. Pattz for agreeing to this spread, I’m not sure if it’ll do much to promote Breaking Dawn but the photos do much to brighten up my disposition :D What do YOU think of these photos.

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  • nicole

    im usually a fan of Rob’s photoshoots..but this one is all kinds of WTF. haha

  • Joan

    I wonder how he felt doing this…LMAO! I bet he zoned out until he had to work the camera. He is definitely a pro at working the camera.

  • Ria

    Ah, this is so bad.