First Look: Prince Reveals The Artwork For His New Single ‘Rock And Roll Love Affair’


Lest you think music legend Prince is off somewhere resting on his laurels, I’m here to tell you that he is not … in fact, he is hard at work creating new music for us to enjoy. Prince will be releasing a new single titled Rock and Roll Love Affair on November 22 and today we get to see the official cover artwork for the single. As you can see, Prince is rockin’ a funky new afro these days … click below to see the single art for this new track and get excited, y’all! We have new Prince music on the way.

It is not known if Rock and Roll Love Affair will be featured on a new album of music but … I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Prince has been performing this new jam at his secret late night concerts lately and I’ve yet to hear it performed live. I did hear it when he performed it on Jimmy Kimmel a couple of weeks ago but … I’m anxious for the studio version. While I really hope we get a new Prince album soon, I think I can be happy with this new single for now ;)