First Listen: Christina Aguilera Previews Her New ‘Lotus’ Album


We still have a full week to wait until Christina Aguilera releases her new album Lotus but today, we get to preview the entire album … courtesy of Xtina herself. At a recent in person event, Xtina personally introduced her album to a select audience and that event is now available right here for our viewing … and listening. The video above is the first in a series of videos that will play non-stop, taking us thru Xtina’s entire album. For each song, she talks a bit about the creation/inspiration process and then we get to hear a sample of the song. If you are looking for some time to kill (while we await the US presidential election results) it might be a good idea to sit back and take a listen.

  • Dach

    I so can’t wait to pick up my copy of her new material.

  • nicole

    there are very few albums i buy these days. Lotus will be one of the few. cant wait to get my hands on it.

  • Erika

    I’ve always loved the confidence and comfort she finds within herself and her willingness to share that with her fans so that they too can find confidence in themselves–and find their voice. So happy she stayed true to that throughout her career. It’s been a true pleasure and inspiration seeing her blossom!

  • nicole

    so i cheated & listened to the leaked album. (i know i know bad me.) its a pretty damn good album. the song ‘Just a fool’ with Blake Shelton, freakin amazing.

  • cutitout

    I too snagged a copy of the leak before RCA did a fantastic job of stopping the bleeding(might I add) Its waaaay better than Bionic. I love the Lotus intro, Red Hot Kind of love, Circles, Shut up, Around the World, Blank page, etc. Thats big, how often can you find an album with that many songs you like? I pre ordered, support the music you love if you want more!

  • Anthony Sun

    Maybe Im the only one who dont really like the album;) sorry. I downloaded 2 days ago. I think this kind of pop*dance song a little bit out of date. further I prefer to hear a ballad or typical Celine dion / Adele song.. Maybe if xtina stay in that line… Im goin to like the Cd;) hehe

  • Nivek

    I’m glad she’s not a twig anymore but I just can’t help thinking of Tina Fey’s Bossypants book cover when I see that picture of her holding her face. anyone else?

    Seriously tho, I’m not a big Christina fan, her ego in interviews and the way she shout sings turn me off. But, I will say if she would just use the more controlled vocals she demonstrates in Blank Page (Lotus), Save Me From Myself (Back 2 Basics) or You Lift Me Up(Bionic) I might be able to ignore the rest.