Even Peters Does ‘Flaunt’ Magazine


American Horror Story: Asylum hottie Evan Peters does quite a fine job keeping his fans entertained when he’s on TV but this month, he’s also doing his best to entertain his fans in the new issue of Flaunt magazine. Altho the mag has yet to hit the newsstands, a few photos from Evans’s photospread have hit the Internets. Yes, the photos are pretty hot … but, he is posing with a little friend who might not really sit well with some folks. Wanna see who Evan Peters is sharing his Flaunt magazine spotlight with? Check out the photos below.

OK, I don’t really like rats … actually, I hate rats … but I don’t really mind the little dudes in these photos. I mean, I like Evan Peters but I’m not crazy for him … so it’s not just his attractiveness that makes the rodents look, I dunno, better? There is something unconsciously disturbing about these photos that … I dunno, I seem to be responding to. What do you think of these photos? Do you like? Is Evan Peters in his undies enough to make you not mind the rats so much?

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  • Jill

    Evan Peters in his undies absolutely makes me not mind the rats so much!

  • Meg

    Who knew, after watching him in Kick Ass and Never Back
    Down that he would develope into such an amazing actor and good looking man!

  • Robert

    Nice Legs!