Beyoncé Casts Her Vote For President Barack Obama


Beyoncé Knowles, who famously performed for President Barack Obama at his inauguration back in 2009, has posted a series of photos on her official website proudly proclaiming her support for Obama in the 2012 presidential election. I think it’s not a big surprise that Bey would be such an outspoken and avid supporter of Obama. She has worked for his re-election campaign and her husband Jay-Z spent much time campaigning with the President in the closing days of the election. Many people in this country vote with pride and it is very heartening to see, truly. Click below to check out Bey’s election photos and read the full text of a handwritten open letter she has penned to President Barack Obama.

These are the photos that Beyoncé posted on her official site that show her actually casting her vote. It looks like she voted early by absentee ballot, which means she banked a vote for President Obama before the final number crunching even begins today. Here is the letter that Bey wrote to President Obama:

While I still think it’s kinda weird to post these letters TO individuals on a public forum (rather than, say, posting a letter written about those individuals), it’s easy to see where Bey’s enthusiasm is. At this point, she is voting for a friend … who wouldn’t want to be proud to cast their presidential vote for a friend? Make sure that YOU get out there and vote for YOUR candidate today. Don’t forget, you can send me your I Voted sticker photos by emailing pinkisthenewblog @ :)


  • Jasmine

    Really unrelated…
    But her nails are incredibly long in the last photo but quite short in the first two.

    • Jake

      you caught that too!!! was thinking the same thing!!! lol…

    • nicole

      hahaha alright, good to know my eyes are still working lol.

    • HeatherLea

      Don’t see the ring either. LoL.

    • emily

      OMG! Thought it was just me.

  • Linnea

    Horrible hair, that’s all i’m saying..

  • SIN

    She just can’t pick them right. First JayZ and now NObama.
    She has a history of poor choices

    • Willak27

      yeah, obama? no, lets vote the mormon…. ¬_¬

    • Meghan

      Beyonce seems pretty happy with her choices. Who was she supposed to vote for, Romney? He doesn’t even know who Beyonce and JayZ are. Romney still thinks the Beatles are together!

    • emily

      You’re totally right SIN … her decision to have a music career? Well that flopped. Her decision to go solo? Embarrassing failure. Her decision to marry a man who loves her and will be a dedicated father? Truly atrocious. Her decision to vote for someone who will protect her rights as a woman? Abominable. Why do they let her out of the house? She’s a train wreck of terrible decisions! Never saw it that way before, thanks SIN!

  • Nancy

    Um, isn’t is illegal to post pics of a ballot? (Unless you are a credentialed journalist) Otherwise, it invaildates your ballot.

  • Nancy

    Um, according to our Secretary of State in MI, it is illegal to take pics of your ballot. Even worse to post them on social media. Doing so will result in forefit of your ballot. Way to be a leader Beyonce!

    • @Nancy — It is illegal to take photos inside any polling place in Michigan, yes. Beyonce is not in Michigan. Nor is she in a polling place.

    • Nancy

      Oops, I ran over the MI part and thought it was a Federal law.

    • @Nancy — It’s an easy mistake, this photo thing is a State law. Not all States forbid them.