Vanessa Minnillo Shows Off Nick Lachey’s HOT Green Thumb


In September, Vanessa Minnillo and hubby Nick Lachey gave birth to their first child, an adorable baby boy they named Camden John. Since then, the couple have been keeping a relatively low profile as they’ve been spending time at home with their newborn son. So, while they’ve been home a lot, they’ve been taking care of chores around the house … like gardening. Vanessa shared a photo on Twitter of her shirtless hubby doing some gardening work at home that shows that Nick isn’t just a popstar/father, he’s also a pretty decent gardener, too.

I love that @NickSLachey is a #DoItYourself kinda guy. He bought all the goods and is now planting a wall of greens!

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Nick Lachey spends 90% of his time at home walking around shirtless. He strikes me as the very nice guy who is always willing to help out whenever he can. If there’s a chore to be done, off comes his shirt and he gets it done. I can’t say that I blame Vanessa for sharing the goods with the rest of us every once in a while. It’s very clear she is proud to be married to her hunk of a husband. I wonder what other secret talents Nick Lachey possesses.


  • Ashley

    If he was my husband, I’d WANT him to walk around shirtless ;-)

    • @Ashely — Hahahah, I know, right ;)

    • Jessica

      I agree…we would have no shirt of him rule