The Justin Bieber Sex Doll Has Been Released


Remember back in April of last year, just after her 18th birthday, when a company called Pipedream Productions released a sex doll named Finally Mylie? Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Now that Justin Bieber has reached the very legal age of 18, Pipedream Productions has come up with a sex doll inspired by him as well. The just-released doll is called Justin-in Beaver and, you’re gonna love this, he is a sex doll that swings both ways (ie. it’s being marketed to both women and men)! Yes, folks, I know this is SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS but I would be remiss if I shared news of the Mylie doll and not the Just-in Beaver doll so … it’s basically about equality. Read on to learn more about this new “love doll” … if you dare.

Meet Just-In Beaver, the barely legal boy-toy who’s waited 18 long years to stick his lil’ dicky in something sticky! When he’s not busy beating up paparazzi or beating off, he’s up to his high-tops in hot Hollywood tail! But the Beave-ster doesn’t have this effect just on women, he turns straight men gay faster than you can peel his skinny jeans off! So what are you waiting for, inflate this lil’ pricks’s ego even more and have your very own Beaver bash! Now with two love holes and a cock.

**Warning: If you’ve experienced moist panties or erections lasting more than 4 hours, you may be suffering from a severe case of Beaver Fever!

Words fail. I mean … what is there really to say about this? I do give it up to the manufacturer of this product for staying consistent. Pipedream Productions is responsible for a long line of celebrity-inspired sex dolls … from Beyoncé, to Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson … even Nicole Snooki Polizzi! It makes sense that they would use Justin Bieber as the inspiration for their first male sex doll. The fact that it is being marketed to both women and men is just … good business sense? OMG. This is just so wrong. I suspect that a legal challenge will be brought against the company by Bieber’s people in an attempt to have the doll pulled off the market. If you are at all interested in procuring a Just-in Beaver doll for yourself, you can order one HERE. No questions asked.

Happy Monday!


  • Shannon

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST-IN BEAVER FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG. I have so much to say… and yet no words, lmao!
    “I’m Not Gay, (Okay maybe a lil’)’ WTF?!?! I want to buy one and NEVER take it out of the box; I’ve always wanted to be able to do that with a toy or doll and I think I could TOTALLY resist opening this one. OMG. Yes. I love it. Thanks for the link Trent. LMAO! Yes!

    • @Shannon — OMG, you are so wrong … but … I’m wrong too cuz I kinda want to see what this thing looks like in person. OMG, SO WRONG!

    • Shannon

      Trent, it’s called Just-In Beaver. Like, seriously?! That is amazing, lmao! If loving the IDEA of this doll is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right!!!

    • Serenity

      I think we should all chip in to get this doll and never take it out of the box. It’ll be like a twisted version of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” except this thing can take turns sitting on our coffee tables or something.

    • Shannon

      Serenity, that is genius. You are genius. How can we make this happen? He could be, like, our little PITNB mascot. OMG, that’s awful… LMAO.

  • nicole


  • nicole

    HAHAHA i just realized the box said ” I finally got laid” LOL

    • Shannon

      nicole, the box is EVERYTHING.

  • Brent

    So the Just-In Beaver sex doll has been “thrust” upon us.
    *Pun intended

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ohhhh my god. So wrong! And yet, I would love to see this in person. Hahah. The box is incredible. Let’s just hope none of his young fans get their hands on this doll. That freaks me out!! They can stick to Barbie Bieber.

  • Lacey

    You know how I know this is a joke? Because it talks about Justin having a Grammy.

    • emily

      @Lacey – LMAO! Nailed it.

  • pop

    I’d prefer to have “Beaver” instead of “Bieber”!