The Incomparable Steven Meisel Photographs Kate Upton For Italian ‘Vogue’


Years ago when the show Glee first premiered I remember calling my bff the next day to find out what she thought about it.  She said something I’ll never forget: “I just wish (dramatic pause) that there was no such thing as hype.” Whatever Glee had been hyped up to be (the greatest show on Earth, perhaps), it wasn’t that. It wasn’t bad at all, but sooo much hype had rendered it a disappointment, probably before it even aired! For months and months I’ve been ignoring new it model Kate Upton (although I did sneak her into a gallery a little while back) because of the hype. It was just too much! Plus I think she was, like, the new girl in school that eeeeevvvvverrrybody was talking about and I just didn’t want to be so cliché, lol. Anyhoo. It’s over for that now. Nobody thought this girl was gonna go high fashion and here she is with her first Vogue cover (Vogue Italia’s November issue), photographed by the insanely talented Steven Meisel. Also, she was getting so much hateration at Fashion Gone Rogue I started to feel like she was an underdog or something, lol. Peep the gallery and share your thoughts! I know she is loved, loathed, and meh’d the world over. As far as this shoot goes, me likey!


  • cringefest

    Now I finally know who Kate Upton is! I’ve seen her name bandied about on various blogs, but when I see her pics I always got more of a Hollywood-vibe rather than a model-vibe.

    Regarding the photos, they are beautifully shot, but I don’t think that I like this 80’s decadence-look resurgence no matter how timeless Madonna has proven to be. I’m just too lazy for hairspray looks. :)

    • Shannon

      cringefest, you’re right– this look has definitely been done before. But I love Meisel’s work and Italian Vogue often has a certain flashiness to their spreads. Anyway she looks gorgeous… yeah, it’s all very ‘ 80′s decadence’ LOL.

  • emily

    OMG, Shannon, thank you. I had no idea who this person was but I see titles about her everywhere – “Kate Upton in a bikini!” “Kate Upton with no top!” “Kate Upton without a dress!” – so I assumed she was a Playboy model. Looking at these pictures, that seems about right. (When oh when does one boob just squirm out of its high-necked dress and hang there like a wet dish rag?)
    What am I missing? Why is her name everywhere? Still so confused. IS she is Playboy Model?
    Since you say she’s an underdorg, I’ll try to be kinder and blame the stylist for a poor wardrobe … but the poses are still the responsibility of the model, and I see some epic fails there.
    Gross, I don’t want to drink haterade but you just put it out there for us, all ice cold and refreshing!

    • Shannon

      emily, you’re welcome… lol! I don’t know if Kate’s done Playboy– she started out big with Sports Illustrated and she’s a fave of Terry Richardson’s and yeah, she’s everywhere. I’m not sure why she blew up of all people (that’s usually the case with “it” girls) but I love Meisel and I loved the shoot– even though I don’t think she’s the best model, by far.

    • emily

      Oh Shannon, I love you so. You just summed it up perfectly. Finally, someone who can tell me what she’s about!
      SI and Terry … my goodness, now it makes a lot of sense that she’s the bombshell character. Good for her then for landing Vogue. This girl has a crazy good publicist/manager/agent.
      That still doesn’t change the fact I’m having serious issues with wardrobe and posing. But I’m putting away the Haterade and saying get yours girl while the getting is good.

    • Shannon

      emily, I’m just seeing this. LMAO– Haterade is good in small doses, right?

  • cringefest

    FWIW, I thought this was more Madonna than Marilyn Monroe. Also, isn’t it impossible to not be cliché these days unless you do something so far from the norm that it is perceived to be laughably unwearable?

    I don’t like this look, but your comment doesn’t make sense to me, especially with the Marilyn Monroe references. A mole does not a Marilyn make…