Mom-To-Be Amber Rose Goes Brunette!


During this year’s MTV Video Music Awards we found out some seriously shocking news: 1.) That CB and Rihanna were totally, probably getting it on and poppin’, and 2.) that engaged couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were expecting a baby. I’ve been taking some time to come to terms with this news, because I never, in a million years, thought that Amber Rose would actually get prego, lol! But she is! We’ve seen some really cute pics of her and Wiz in XXL, and she recently revealed that they’re┬áhaving a baby boy, which is awesome. But now that I’ve accepted and grown to lurve these two (and their forthcoming Wizbud) Amber has done something totally, completely, inexplicably shocking. She’s gone brunette! I don’t even know what I’m looking at!!! Click inside for more!

So here’s the picture Amber shared on Twitter:

Amber… is no longer… platinum blonde?!?!?!?! Like, how?! Why?! When?! Which?! LMAO, I am stunned. And I still think she looks amazing… but I really, really, really loved her hair.

It was so unique and I couldn’t think of another celeb who could rock it like her. Sigh. Just one more personal celebrity decision for me to come to terms with. I’ll be fine. No– no. Seriously. I’m fine y’all.

What do you guys think of the new ‘do? Amber is really getting ready to move into a new phase of her life– can’t be mad at that, right? Right?

Oh, and look. Amber wrote their names in the sand (Cameron = Wiz). Cuteness:


  • aeb

    it is possible she’s avoiding the dye during pregnancy…

    • Shannon

      aeb, Hmmm good point. It’s possible… but not necessary. You can safely dye your hair when you’re prego, from what I understand.

    • Nancy

      Yet, her hair is so short. To maintain the look, she would have to dye it weekly or even more. And even though the experts say you “could” use hair dye during pregnancy, is it really worth the risk? Especially when she looks so fab either way?

  • emily

    i was wondering about the preggo and hair dye thing … I’ll never forget when Gwen Stefani was preggo and I was like, “Finally! She won’t be bleached blonde! She can’t be! It’s not healthy for baby!” And yet she did it, twice. I’ve seen lots of celebs since keep up their colors despite impending births. So there has to be something out there that is safer for preggos? But Nancy makes a good point b/c it’s so short it does take a lot of maintenance. Amber is so on point with her looks I can’t imagine she did this out of a flight of fancy, seems deliberate.
    I’m with you Shannon, still can’t believe she’s preggo, but I love me some Wiz so mazel tov to the two.