I Ran The Golden Gate Bridge


So … I had a very fun, very bizzy weekend in San Francisco, CA over the past couple of days. As you may know, I made my way up to SF on Friday evening ahead of the US Half Marathon yesterday. My girl Tara flew up from LA Saturday to join me and we really had the best time ever. I’ve known Tara for a few years now but this weekend was our first time hanging out just the two of us. After you’ve slept in the same bed with someone, you’re kinda BFFs forever. The race was really a great one. Despite all of the EVIL hills, I managed to run my fastest half marathon yet. As you might’ve suspected, I did snap a few photos of this weekend’s fun, check ‘em out below.

The race was so fun because we got to run the entire legnth of the Golden Gate Bridge both ways. The whole reason I signed up for the race was so that I could run the bridge … and it was an absolute JOY. Tara really kept me on pace and we managed to finish in the same exact time, right down to the second! We finished the 13.1 run in 2:06:36. After the race, it was time to celebrate and rehydrate …

I ran into my friend Molly who also ran the race and we got to hang out for a bit after the race. Tara and I showered and met up with David’s brother Aram and his girlfriend Jodee for brunch then we made our way home … and got FOOT MASSAGES! I have to tell you, foot massages are a gift from the gods. I have learned my lesson, weekly foot massages for this guy right here :D

I have to give a special shout-out to Pink reader Angie who I met on Saturday when I picked up my race bib for the US Half Marathon:

Isn’t she the cutest? It was so nice meeting her, I love our photo.

I’m going to keep things chill today … I’m a bit stressed about Election Day tomorrow but overall, I’m feeling really good. I fly out to Detroit for a 2 day trip to see Madonna on Wednesday and then I have my next half marathon in Malibu, CA on Sunday (my last half of the year … I think). It’ll be a bizzy week so, I’m gonna chill while I can. Happy Monday, y’all!

  • Amanda

    Trent – congratulations! You truly are an inspiration (with snazzy style!)

  • MJ

    Wow, Trent….lots of running, I’m impressed. Nosy, but have to ask, are you not running the Hawaii one? Or did I miss that?

  • @MJ — Honolulu Marathon is December 09, I’m still planning to run it!

  • Caroline

    Get your maintenance runs in! Running just a long run once a week is not enough for marathon training (says the girl who trained that way for her first and hit the wall hard). You need to up your mileage and build your stamina. Nagging done. Great job on your fastest half!! Looked like a lot of fun!

    • @Caroline — Ugh, I know … I know … I KNOW ;) After next Sunday, I go back to regular training. My schedule is just so crazy, I don’t have time for the longer mid-week runs … but I’m on it … I have a plan. Thank you for commenting

  • Shannon

    Angie is too cute! Trent, you are amazing. Congratulations… mainly on your foot massage, lol!

  • Lexie

    Congrats again, Trent!

  • Rebecca

    Great job! You continue to be an inspiration! Great you had such a gorgeous day to run.

  • emily

    Congrats Trent! I’m just so impressed with your growth. From gym adverse to running every weekend to dozens of marathons – you go! So proud!

    • @emily — Thank you :)