Here Are The Top Five ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’: ‘Illusion’


It’s Monday evening and my electricity’s back on, so it’s time to do the damn thing, Revenge style! Last week’s recap was totally cray, as per usual, and I hate that I didn’t get to read a lot of the comments right away. But Hurricane Sandy was putting in work, so what are you gonna do? This week we have just as much drama to make sense of, so click inside for more!

Okay. Here’s my thing about Revenge. It just doesn’t stop. I have never in my life watched a soap opera, but I’m guessing that’s what Revenge kind of is… but with good acting. Right? First of all, I was not mentally prepared for the Grayson wedding to really, seriously go down but it did. These two are so insane and their will to survive (and kill, along the way) is mind-blowing!

It was so interesting to see Conrad’s growing fondness for his wife (lol). Even though he almost killed her that one time, he sooo wanted that wedding to be the real deal and she sooo couldn’t wait to get rid of him/have him arrested for the murder of the white-haired man.

While all this was going on, more drama popped off at The Stowaway bar (which had its grand re-opening thanks to that shady guy who’s now a partner), and ‘Emily’ also spent time coming up with a way for ‘Amanda’ to get rid of Mason, who scared the ish out of everyone (including us) when he showed up in the last episode with ‘proof’ that ‘Amanda’ was a fake. In this episode he starts to back off, but really, he just gets distracted by the Graysons and all their fake deaths and fake kidnappings and fake weddings; he ends up following a phony trail left by the queen all things revenge-y, ‘Emily,‘ and hands Conrad over to the police. The romantical drama is also popping off in a big way– Declan and Charlotte were lookin’ pretty official, Jack and ‘Amanda’… ummmmm yeahhh… we’ll get to that; ‘Emily’ and Daniel are doing alll the things you are never supposed to do with a fresh ex-fiance (dancing, reminiscing, late-night texting… lmao, okay they didn’t do that last one but you KNOW it’s coming), and then Aiden and ‘Emily’ totally, almost, finally got it poppin’!

Damn! We were so close to the make-up sex scene we’ve all been waiting for! And yet, so far away. But even that disappointment didn’t ruin the show. So let’s get to it!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 6: Illusions

1. Yes, Mama Kara Is Still The Scariest Thing Ever.

Every time I see this woman I just want my Mommy. Like, straight up. We’ve already established that she’s scarier than Victoria Grayson… hence Vicki being scared ish-less of her. But Kara (her facial expressions, her voice, her far-away, other-worldly crooked smile) is, like, the worst! She’s worse than those creepy-ass floating monsters from that Buffy episode Hush. She’s worse than Bane from The Dark Knight Rises (I lit’rally screamed every time he came on screen, and yeah, no she’s scarier than that). Look at her puttin’ on Victoria’s perfume, lol! She is going to EFF the Graysons up so bad, lmao! When she found out that they were responsible for his death (although, really her daughter and Aiden are), she looked like she was gonna kill somebody… or drown somebody (shouts-out to PITNBR Joan), lmao! I feel like we have no idea what this woman is capable of. We caught a glimpse of it when she popped of on Aiden, but I think we’re getting ready to see some next level ish.

It was also nice to see her connecting with ‘Emily’ (and I love that we learned about ‘Emily’ is a painter), but this woman is still terrifying.

2. ‘Amanda’ And Jack Are Back Together In More Ways Than I Can Emotionally Handle

I know this is gonna sound mean. But. Is anyone else annoyed that Fauxmanda and Jack magically patched things up after she got out of her coma? I’m sorry… but why does Jack always gotta be doing the right thing?! Ugh! I love him! He is the definition of a stand-up-guy and I just hate it sometimes. Oh, just ’cause she fell while she was prego and ended up in a coma, y’all gotta get back together?! And oh, just because she might not feel 100% secure about the relationship as it stands you gotta wife her now?! Agh!

I can’t wait to hear what you guys thought of the proposal. Jack is so damn sweet but sometimes I just wanna pull him out of that TV screen, grab him by the shoulders, and keep it crazy real with him: THAT’S NOT AMANDA! HELL NO SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN Y’ALL FOUND THAT TREASURE CHEST UNDER WATER OR WHATEVER! ‘CAUSE IT WASN’T HER! THAT’S FAUXMANDA! HAVEN’T YOU BEEN READING THE RECAPS?!?!?! WTF!

Quote It: I’m proof that you can have it all (no, Jack. You’re not… sorry boo).

3. Charlotte Does The Most Gangsta Ish Ever; Gives Victoria A Wedding Present And Then Says Hell No I’m Not Coming To The Wedding

OMG, this made me sooooo happy. Remember, like, two episodes ago when everybody was on stage with Victoria (so she could publicly confess to the affair with David Clarke) and I was like, why can’t one person just say no to her?! Finally! Somebody was like hell no, and it was little Charlotte who refused to attend her parents’s wedding and went to her broke-ass boyfriend’s job to help him out. Now that’s real lurve y’all! I’m not gonna front, I was sooo proud of her.

Quote It: (Declan) What about your parent’s wedding?
(Charlotte) I’ll catch the next one.

4. The Grayson Wedding, Which Was Like The Most Awkward High School Dance Ever

First of all, there was a gun in the building. Because Conrad gave Victoria one as a wedding present. Obviously. Then somebody got arrested. And then everybody was having hella romantical drama! I swear it was just like my 11th grade pajama party when I broke up with that one dude but he acted like we were still together and it was all awkward because I was already into my new dude and then my friend’s older sister showed up and dragged her out because she had on the skankiest halter top ever (that I so wanted)… wait. What? Okay. Sorry, no. It wasn’t exactly like the pajama party, but there were like 8 oh hell nawl moments in one:

Padma & Nolan had drama.

After Daniel approached her about the whole David Clarke movement she basically backed out of the whole thing which makes me think we can trust her… except this is Revenge so. Yeah, no, we probably can’t. But I do like that Nolan took control of the situation and didn’t let ‘Emily’ have  her way earlier in the episode when she was trying to keep him from going to the wedding.

Quote It: Okay. You win with the steely eyes.

Emily & Daniel were all up in and around each other.

He wants so get back with her sooo hard, lol! The truth is, I also secretly want them to eventually get back together. But I’ma need that ‘Emily’/Aiden makeup sex scene first. Sorry.

Ashley & Aiden were totally eyeing each other in the last episode and then I peeped it again at the beginning of this one (mainly on Ashley’s side).

So when he walked up on her at the wedding I was like helllll nawwwwl!!! But, as PITNBR Tarah pointed out, Aiden is a part of this whole movement to screw around with Nolan’s company so his interest in Daniel (and Ashley) is a bit complicated. I also noticed that he sort of hinted to ‘Emily’ later in the episode that there could be more Ashley than anyone knows, which is something PITNBR Thomas suggested a while back. Madness.

5. Conrad Grayson Hearts Blowing People Up Via The Initiative

Yooo. What is WRONG with Conrad (or Connie, as Mason calls him)?! WHAT is The Initiative?! And who are they about blow up now?! Like, this plot just doesn’t quit. And I love how, in Revenge, everyone– irregardless of how gangsta they seem to be– is always  afraid of someone. Conrad looked hella shook when this chick showed up in his cell. And now that he’s gotten out of jail and made a deal with The Initiative, who knows WTF is going to happen next?! I don’t know. But I’m scared y’all. And I’m hella scared (scurred, even) of Mason’s ridiculous map with the string thingy. What the hell is this?!

Okay, looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts! Do y’all think Mason knows who ‘Emily’ really is??? And did you HEAR him call my girl Ashley “the help”?!?! Yeah, he might have to die or something.


  • Jane

    love the recap – I think Ashley could be Aidens sister – we never really got the whole story there and its possible she either knew her or is her….just a thought…not happy about the jack/fauxmanda storyline its not working for me and she needs to go…then we will find out that the baby really isn’t jacks and that takeda tricked Em’s by getting to the dna tests first…please please please!

    • Shannon

      Jane, I love your version of the story, lol! It’s totally possible (given the nature of the show) that Jack really isn’t the father. I’ve grown to like Fauxmanda but I still feel like she’s telling SUCH a big lie.

  • Hannah

    Mason definitely figured out the Amanda/Emily thing, which means his time is up and will be killed pretty quick.

    Which is a little disappointing if it does happen, I am one of the few people that like him.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, I have enjoyed watching Mason’s comeback and I kinda wanted to see where he was going with it all. But yeah, it might be time for him to go!

  • blaqfury

    Great recap! I want to quickly talk about the fashion… first of all… if i see “Emily” with the side sweep hairstyle one more time I’ma find a way to reach into the tv and cut the excess. Secondly, how unflattering was Ashley’s dress? It was like she belted a sheet. And lastly, Vikki’s dress. I loved it! Black with a hint of joy = Smoke! And even Conrad’s boutonniere looked like a funeral flower…lol!

    As for the epi, I really want Emily & Daniel back together. I rooted for those two season one… and I still want them. I was never really into Emily & Jack. Still love Nolan & Padma, but I don’t trust her, even after she tried to talk her way out of her mistake. A fan of Declan and Charlotte too. Hopefully now that they’re “back” together, they can both get off the stupid that they’ve been stuck on .

    Still don’t care about the mom storyline and losing interest in Aiden, and now that he’s trying to mess with my Nolan/Nolcorp, I’m liking him even less.

    But I need to learn more about the initiative and I’m majoring intrigued with Mason (so glad they brought him back). I think he figured it out. I hope they don’t kill him off. (I’m looking at you Fauxmanda… I didn’t like your threat too much)

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, you’re so right to bring up Fauxmanda’s threat– I peeped that too! And so glad you got your eye on the Revenge fashion; the side-swoop is def ‘Emily’s fancy look, lol! But I loved Victoria’s dress too and I thought ‘Emily’ looked cute in that red dress. Did you peep Padma & Nolan in matching blue? Too cute! And I hope we can trust her!

      Glad you liked the recap :)

  • miguel

    I’ve been watching REVENGE since day one, but I STILL do not get why the first jet that was blown up(the one which was used to frame David Clarke)…I’m a little lost. There’s SO much going on. :/

    • Joan

      We know why yet. We only know that David Clarke was framed for funneling funds to the terrorist group that brought down that plane. My guess would be that some kind of threat to the Initiative was on that plane. The biggest mystery of all is the Initiative itself. Who are they and what do they do exactly?

    • Shannon

      Joan, thanks for clearing this up; I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Initiative since they are CLEARLY running things.

    • Shannon

      Miguel, I didn’t even realize how LITTLE we knew about that whole movement until this epsiode. But I think we’re gonna start getting some answers, now that Conrad is in with them again. I’m actually kinda scared to see what they’ve got planned next– they are clearly ruthless!

  • nicole

    i think its safe to say, Mason is going to be the next one to…disappear.
    im so hoping Daniel & Emily get back together. i love them. and i think it would be great twist involving Aiden & Ashley teaming up,

    side note: loved Victoria’s dress.

    • Shannon

      nicole, Man I’m glad a lot of people are rooting for ‘Emily’ and Daniel– I MISS them, lol!

      And yeah, Victoria’s dress was so perfect for her.

  • Vanessa

    Emily & Daniel definitely need to get together but way later after all the Aiden thing plays out. I am so over Jack in general. Him & Emily have no chemistry, it’s like they’re brother and sister… like watching Joey & Dawson kiss… gross.
    I AM Team Padma though since Dilshad Vadsaria was GENIUS on Greek. Seriously, she’s amazing.
    Also… Crazy Kara would be a lot more scary if I didn’t get so caught up trying to figure out what she was saying through her filler lips. It’s…really awkward.
    Lastly, I’m super interested to see how Emily’s big “get-Conrad-arrested-at-his-wedding” plan leads back to Mason…

    • Joan

      Joey and Dawson! Ha! you killed me with that. Hilarious. Kind of true too.

    • Shannon

      Vanessa, LOLOLOLOL! You nailed it about Jack and Fauxmanda! It’s sooo sad because he really wants there to be something there and there just isn’t!

      You’re right about Crazy Kara’s lips– but I think all that freaks me out more.

  • Joan

    “You win with the steely eyes.” Wins quote of the episode. Hands down. It cracked me up. AND WHAT IS UP with Mason’s stringy board thingy?! Someone cleverly pointed out to me that his last name (“Treadwell”) is a total pun! Anyway, I’m not sure about what Emily is going to do with him, but I’m pretty sure she’s not gonna like the string board. Could she ever trust him as a Grayson-hating ally? Or will Fauxmanda handle him her own way? One thing is for sure, between Kara, Mason and Emily, the Graysons have their hands full. Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

    I’m not sure what I think of Padma at the moment. Like Nolan said, she poked a bear and I don’t like the fact that she felt entitled enough to do that move. I also like Emily and Daniel together….maybe because I know that Josh Bowman rocks the British accent just as much as Aiden, hence Aiden loses his edge. lol As for Ashley, I pray the gods that there’s something going on with her because I often I wonder what the hell is she is still doing on this show!

    • Shannon

      Joan, LMAO at Ttreadwell”– so true! ‘Emily’ could use more Grayson-hating allies, but Mason is kinda out to get EVERYONE at this point, so he’s a lil’ tricky.

      You’re right about Ashley– she has been kinda ‘extra’ on the show lately (last season all her stuff with Tyler was actually kind of interesting) but I just LOVE looking at her, lol! Here’s hoping something interesting pops off with her storyline though.

  • Franki

    I was thinking the SAME thing Jane! II saw them next to each other looking at Daniel and Emily and it came to me:Is Ashley is Aiden sister?! The one he left Emily to go find…then made her an accomplice to getting back into Emily’s life.
    But my favorite part wasn’t an hell nah moment, it was the “The Look” at the wedding between Aiden & Emily acknowledging the Conrad arrest set up, I was really happy that Emily could have a partner in crime..and in the sheets. Esp. in the sheets.

    • Shannon

      Franki, SUCH a goof moment to point out– I remember “The Look”! Those two have some real intensity between them.

  • Kiki1976

    I must have missed anything about Aiden having a sister. Didn’t hear that one. But I’m sure I could re-watch every epi and find something I missed.
    I’m not fond of Jack proposing. I don’t get it.
    Everything Ashley is involved in anymore is just pointless dickery. Why is her character still relevant?
    I think Mason, Kara and Emily are gonna get together and bring the hurt.
    I’m just trying to figure out who the dead guy is in the boat in the first episode? It was a man’s hand with a wedding ring. I’m betting on the sleazy bar partner. He’s a bit sketch.

    • Hannah

      The sister was mentioned when we learnt that Aidan and Emily studied their revengey ways in Japan. He chose to follow the sister plot and leave Emily without saying goodbye.

      And I completely agree with you on Ashley…..she needs to leave right now.

    • Shannon

      Kiki1976, LMAO at ‘pointless dickery’! Ouch! I’m still worried about that man in the boat… it better not be anyone I lurve AKA Jack.

  • JCZ

    Just hoooooold up a moment!

    Did ANYONE get chills and a short heart attack when Kara and Victoria were on the balcony. After V says that can see loss, not relief in Kara’s eyes of the dead Grey-Haired man, I really thought Kara was inching her way closer to V, to push her off the balcony.

    At first, I was like Nooooooo! But then all, ‘Be pretty cool Mother & Daughter thing, taking down the Graysons.’

    I’m scared for Emily with Mason. I’ve despised his character the most. Maybe cause it’s the cliche of it all, there is always that one character in these stories that keeps coming back and KNOWS or FINDS the stuff that affects the main character?! But this is biggest thing that could affect her, and she doesn’t even know it. Other times she has contained the issue – but next episode is setting up to be epic.

    Maybe next week Shannon, do a Top Ten list?! Haha

    • Shannon

      JCZ, I kinda thought that too! I’m telling you, that woman is cray– and totally unpredictable. She may not have done anything this time, but I find it hard to believe that she’s gonna let the Graysons get away with this.

      A Top Ten list is SUCH a good idea! And I know as soon as we do one, the next episode that airs will be sooo effing good I’ll want to do it all over again. Let’s wait until the end of this season maybe. It’ll be so fun to relive the drama!

  • Chris

    Can we also talk about the fact that Emily appears to have a freezer full of dead bodies?!?!

    • Shannon

      Chris, LMAO. I know right?!?! She’s so far gone…

  • janalynn22

    OMG yes! What is up with the freezer of bodies! I love me some Emily, but girl is a straight up psychopath with a freezer of dead people… hello, this is waaaay past revenge!

  • Mark

    I TOTALLY hated Fauxmanda all last season but I have to say I’ve been warming to her lately, especially during the baby shower when she showed up with her crew and started messing with Queen V.
    And Shannon I have to say that while I am also desperate for an Emily/Aiden sex scene, I don’t really care WHO he sleeps with as long as we get to see him do the nasty on screen, that man is HOTTT.
    This episode gave up more of my favorite onscreen frenemies, Mason and Vic. Their poisonous banter is always full of lolz.
    Also Emily how does Emily have time to do anything (get her hair done, buy new halter dresses, get revengy) when she spends so much of it watching playbacks of everyone’s conversations? She needs to start outsourcing and getting highlight reels.

  • mabsat

    I don’t understand why Aiden wasn’t more worried about being spotted by Kara at the wedding – given that she basically left him for dead, wouldn’t he be worried that he might run into her at the Graysons, where he and Emily know that she’s staying?!

    • Joan

      INTERESTING point! You win.