“What The Hell Is Going On With Simon’s Face?” And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


For the last few weeks I’ve been dabbling with the idea of doing a post like this. Y’all know me– I live in the Comments section of this site and I love, love, love hearing what y’all have to say about all things pop and culture. About two weeks ago I actually started writing this; I had just read Devonte’s comment on one of our Revenge recaps and I was like OMG everybody needs to see this, lol. It’s too late to put Devonte’s in this collection but please go here and read it because his use of the phrase “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” will redefine your life as you know it. Anyway, today I ended up on another website and they were doing something hilarious called “Ratchet Ramblings” to celebrate their best comments of the week so I was like, okay yeah. It’s officially time to do this! Click inside for just a few of my fave moments from the Comments section of the greatest site on Earth, Pink Is The New Blog!

PITNBR swile71 said something people the world over must have been thinking while watching Simon Cowell and Britney Spears on The Tonight Show. And for that, we thank you:

What the hell is going on with Simon’s face? He looks all swollen and frozen. Must be too much botox. Brit looks great!

PITNBR Megan weighed in as we discussed the possibility (or impossibility) of reclaiming the word “slut” and all the messages about sexuality that come with it. Her perspective was fresh and much-needed:

I’m 22 and I feel like I’m judged because I haven’t had sex yet. It’s not for a religious reason or because I’m waiting until marriage, I just haven’t been in love yet. I don’t even like telling people because they always think it’s weird. So for one, it should go both ways. Secondly, I agree with Kate. Are we really okay with telling our daughters it’s okay to sleep around with whoever they want because it feels good? That doesn’t seem like a good message to me. Sex is normal and should not be shamed, but it’s also not some frivolous activity that doesn’t have consequences. Like you said Shannon, if someone is going to be promoting sleeping around because it’s “empowering”, then you also have to have real conversations about keeping yourself safe.

PITNBR Amanda had me cracking up. I just loved how she was patiently waiting (along with a lot of you) for Trent to post one particular celebrity Hallowe’en pic:

Trent – thank you! I was starting to think we wouldn’t get the annual Alyson/Alexis snap this year! They always look so adorable in costume!

PITNBR Keegan, thank you for making me Google “Willam Belli” because of the Jessica Simpson & Family Hallowe’en post. And… you weren’t wrong, lmao:

Er… On first glance, I kind of thought Jessica was RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Willam Belli!

PITNBRS Joan & Britney were having a blast on the Revenge recap. It’s always fun to meet your soul-sister online. Oh and yeah, the Revenge recaps get hella INTENSE:


Funny that you say that Kara Clarke just flat out scared you because the actress is coming off playing Nancy’s Botwin’s sister on ‘Weeds’ and, let’s me tell you, SHE WAS WILD! lol I think she’s scares me more than she’s scaring you! I mean, when this woman learns the truth about Victoria and Co. she’s gonna be drowning some people! lol

Ugh. I hate Mason. I cannot stand him. He is a repulsive character. He is my Reveng-y Dolores Umbridge. I just cannot stomach him. Someone kill him and Padma. Yeah, I SAID IT. OFF WITH PADMA! lol (I’m in a weird mood today. lol)

I truly believe Amanda and Emily get each other and hold no real grudge between one and another. As I told you last week, they have a complicated relationship, using each other in their own way, but both with a full understanding that they ultimately care for each other. Now, when either one feels threatened, craziness seem to follow. I wonder what Fauxmanda/Emily is going to do now that Mason is poking on their business. (Did I mention I HATE Mason? OK. Just checking.)


LOL, I think you are my soul-sister, Joan! I love Weeds and HP and was going to comment, but you said everything I was going to!

PITNBR Cheryl was sooo not feeling Levi Johnston & Sunny Oglesby’s new wedding pictures. I can’t blame her, but I can and will start using the phrase “Ick Nast.”

They look like brother and sister. Ick Nast.

PITNBR R.Gill made a very apt observation about Taylor Swift’s “Sexy” (or not) Cosmopolitan photo shoot:

Does it seem weird I kinda think her face looks like David Bowie on the cover shot…

PITNBR cringefest and I had a total lurve fest… after she came at me over my headline title for Diablo Cody’s new series:

“Showtime’s ‘The United States Of Tara’ Writer…” Uh? This headline is whack. That writer has a name and a recognizable one at that. I somehow doubt I’d ever see “Showtime’s ‘The United States Of Tara’ Actress to star in a new ABC series” as a headline here. Regardless, I have grown to like you quite a bit, Shannon, but I had to point this out. :)

Anyway, I am curious to see how Cody transitions to a more puritanical network. Young Adult had me cringing almost the whole time.

And PITNBR laurenl weighed in during an intense (and still ongoing) discussion about Lady Gaga’s comments on Adele’s weight. Many of us had a lot to say about Gaga’s interview, but I like that laurenl offered a real, constructive way for us (and Gaga) to make whatever points we want to make about body image and the media. She also said ‘eff the establishment’ which made me quite happy:

One way to make a difference regarding this issue is to support magazines who publish real-women body image advertisements (remember the dove campaign?) and support the products who choose to ethically avoid the hyper-perfect women and over airbrushing. I put my money where my ethics are. Eff the establishment that holds me to an unrealistic standard…. Eff them.

There were, of course, a million other comments that had me laughing, crying, and Googling like cray. These were just a few of them. Love you guys! Love the comments! Love Devonte, lol!

  • Megan

    I love this idea for a post Shannon :) I’m going to have to up my game when I leave a comment on posts now!

    • Shannon

      Megan, I’m glad you like the post BUT it’s all in fun– I don’t want things to get competitive over here, lol!

    • Dezden

      I thought the same! Hahaha! I love it though, because sometimes I forget to go back and read comments or just miss good ones.

  • Britney’sBitch

    Cool! I like this section! Now I’m gonna try to sound cool/funny and/or smart in my comments so maybe one day my comment will be featured in this section!
    hahaha that sounded so sad XD

    • Shannon

      Britney’sBitch, OMG. Okay, now y’all are making me rethink this whole movement! Stop! LMAO. No Seriously…

  • nicole

    oooh i love this! Shannon you’ve been such an amazing addition to this site, you’ve brought so many fun ideas. :)

    • Shannon

      nicole, thank YOU! So glad you likey :)

  • miguel

    IDGAF if this is explicit, but PITNB is more Shannon than Trent. LOL. All these new ideas you’re bringing to the site, it literally makes me visit EVERY DAY, just to see what you come up with. Thanks Trent for bringing Shannon on board, best decision ever!

    • Shannon

      miguel, you know I lurve you BUT. Let’s be clear. I’m new as F—, lol. And Trent runs this town. I’m just glad I got invited to the party.

      All that ASIDE, I’m glad you like the post :)

  • Steven

    I see someone else reads The Prophet Blog ;) Shannon, I knew we were soulmates!

    • Shannon

      Steven, it’s so funny because I was reading one of Trent’s Britney posts and clicked on his “Source” and ended up there. I was like WHAT is this place and why am I just finding out about it?! So yes, we are ALL soul mates :)

    • Steven

      Ugh! Does this mean I have to start watching Revenge now? I don’t need any more shows lol but I have a feeling I’m going to get hooked bc you have pretty great taste :) And yes, Trent always knows what’s up.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Love this idea, Shannon!! LOVE.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, thank YOU! And thank you again for being the genius behind ‘Fauxmanda.’ The Revenge recaps wouldn’t be the same without you

    • ClaireMichelle

      I’m so glad I could contribute in some way to your ah-mah-zing Revenge recaps!

  • Kim

    Love this as well, a very cool way to involve us readers and commenters

    • Shannon

      Kim, yeaaahhh! Glad you’re liking it :)

  • Amanda

    Shannon – what a great idea! And not only did you pick one of my comments but you called me a PITNBR, which has made me ridiculously happy!!!

    • Shannon

      Amanda, yes. You are definitely and officially a PITNBR, lol!

  • Megan

    This is a really cool idea! Of course, I could be bias because you chose one of my comments lol. I also love how you and Trent try to reply to as many comments as you can, it really makes you feel a connection to the blog that you don’t feel anywhere else.

    • Shannon

      Megan, glad you like the new post! I really appreciate all the feedback and your comment definitely gave me some things to think about. We’re lucky to have such awesome readers over here, and I agree that PITNB is a completely unique place– y’all are a big part of that :)

  • Joan

    LOL I had completely missed this post! You are awesome, Shannon…and I sound like a crazy person on the comment! Revenge brings the crazy out of me. lol

    • Shannon

      Joan! I’m glad you caught it! Revenge brings out the crazy in ALL of us, lol. No judgement over here :)