Watch: Nicki Minaj’s Reality Special Releases A Preview With More Mariah Carey Drama


Uh-oh. Yesterday we got our first look at Nicki Minaj: My Truth,┬áthe three part special set to air on E! tonight. I didn’t think the original trailer showed anything reeeeallly interesting, but this preview kinda makes me want to tune in. I could really care less about the Nicki/Mariah beef, but I know a lot of people will watch for that… and Nicki says some ish in this new preview that will surely send Mariah fans through the roof. But the behind-the-scenes stuff kinda fascinates me and in the preview we also get to see her recording new material, like Freedom a song she just released on iTunes last night. Nicki totally comes off like a diva (and she is one), but sometimes when I see her, I just see that sweet little girl from Queens, lol. So yeah, I’m probably gonna check this out.

Nicki Minaj: My Truth airs tonight at 10:30 pm EST on E!


  • Britney’sBitch

    I don’t know why but the video doesn’t work for me :\

  • Ben@pr

    I’m not a Mariah fan but I don’t get how she let herself go in this whole “feud”. I think this feud got some PR team behind it but Nicky doesn’t stand a chance vocally speaking against Mariah.

  • Megan

    That actually does look pretty good. I’ll be tuning in.

  • Shannon T.

    Can’t stand this woman!!!

  • nicole

    they’re going to milk this “feud” for this show

  • Matthew

    Well American Idol is probably going to benefit from this back and forth. I think the program has accomplished its mission of getting people to tune in come January. I know I will, just to see what the hell started this feud.

    So far, at least as far as the blogs and comments are concerned, there has been a pretty large majority support for Mimi. Everyone from Barbara Walters to Stevie Nicks to Queen Latifah and even Obama himself (though he technically remained neutral in the radio interview) seems to be on team Mimi. So I’ll tune it to see who gets the diva crown.

    In these singing shows each judge has a role. And it seems like both Mariah and Nicky were going for the diva role. Can Nicky out-diva Miss Carey? Probably not, although Mariah might let her since she is in mama mode currently and might not have time for all that. I guess we will have to tune in.

  • Ariel Echeverria

    now in days anybody gets called a “diva” where’s the divine about that woman or many of those called diva like the kardashians or hilton?