Watch: Louis C.K. Was A Dream On Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Saturday Night Live’


A little while back we found out that Emmy-award winning comedian Louis C.K. would be hosting Saturday Night Live and I was ridiculously excited to see how cray-cray things would get. But nothing could have prepared me for his opening monologue about old ladies he lurves, or the Abraham Lincoln sketch to end all Abraham Lincoln sketches. All this time I’ve been getting excited to see Daniel Day-Lewis in the upcoming biopic, but now I just wanna spend the rest of my life watching Louis C.K. perform all of his stand-up routines as the 16th president. Click the video above to see what I mean, and check out more videos from last night’s episode– including the best opening monologue ever, Fun’s awesome performance of Some Nights, and the hilarious Hurricane Sandy address from Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Chris Christie.

Louie’s opening monologue, on why old ladies are the ish:

Bloomberg’s Hurricane Sandy Address with Chris Christie:


Fun, Some Nights:

Fox and Friends on Hurricane Sandy:

Weekend Update with Mitt Romney:

Last Call with Louie:

You can watch more of the skits and performances from last night here. Somebody get President Lincoln some black friends. Please.


  • lori

    BOO!!!! not available in canada!

  • DJ

    Don’t worry, Lori. You didn’t miss much. Louis CK may have moments of funniness, but they weren’t on SNL. His monologue was fine, up but it was more stand up and not really an opening monologue for the show. The Lincoln thing was funny, but the rest was just boring and lacked juvenile, eve nor SNL.

    And don’t get me started on the thing with the horn that he kept screwing up in purpose cuz it was the only way to get a tual laughs.

    I like fun.’s songs, but they need to start living up to their name. I have a feeling they’ll be done in a coupla years.

    Really looking forward to next week with Anne Hathaway and Rihanna!!!