Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Is Officially The Cutest


Listen y’all. As a mother of two I know how hard it can be out here. I mean, it’s really really hard. People with kids will understand me when I say that nothing in this world– nothing– can prepare you for the enormous difficulties that come about when you’re doing your best to take that perfect picture of your baby and it… just doesn’t pan out. It’s like, he was just smiling. Like he was staring right at you and giving the biggest smile in the world and then you pull out your camera or your phone and then– nothing. It’s devastating y’all. That’s why I’m sooo happy for new mom Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, who totally did it! She got what I used to call ‘the money shot,’ and I can totally imagine how overjoyed she must be. Baby Lorenzo is flashing the biggest, cutest, Lorenziest smile ever in this new pic that the Jersey Shore star just posted on Instagram. Checkie out, and moms– give props where props are due. Y’all know how hard it is to get this shot, lol!

BAM! HOLLA! Congrats Snooki! You did it! THAT is the money shot, lol! And Snooki also got one of those cute ‘sleeping baby’ shots that we all know and lurve. Even Nicki Minaj had to tweet about this one:

Snooki also went makeup-free for a mother/son pic, which was nice:

Okay. That concludes our visit with baby Lorenzo for the day. Good times were had by all, and it’s time for me to move on with my life. If I stare at that adorable little side part in Lorenzo’s hair any longer, I swear I’ll end up getting prego between now and next Sunday.



  • Ella

    It’s easy to forget Snooki is actually South American and not Italian-American, but baby Lorenzo does indeed show his Latin heritage!

    • Shannon

      Ella, I agree. Those features are coming in nicely!

  • nicole

    oh my goodness…that first picture! so cute!

  • Lauren xx

    Snooki is glowing, I wish she would lay off the fake lashes more often!!

  • jennifer

    Oh he’s so adorable. It’s giving me baby fever, even after my 18 month old just threw an hour toddler tantrum and is finally sleeping. I need to find a baby to watch so I can play with them and they’re all cute, but I can give them back at night. lol

    • Shannon

      jennifer, LMAO at ‘baby fever’!!! I KNOW.

  • AmandaMarie

    Looks like another Nicole is settling into motherhood flawlessly. She looks so happy and gorgeous all natural like that.