Diablo Cody Is Bringing A New Series To ABC


Diablo Cody has changed a lot of lives over the last few years… and her name has gotten more and more recognizable  as well (shouts-out to PITNBR cringefest). In 2007 she blew up (and won an Oscar) after writing the screenplay for Juno, and she went on to write the magic that was the Emmy-award winning Showtime series The United States Of Tara and Charlize Theron’s 2011 flick Young Adult. Now she’s getting ready to bring a new single-camera romantic comedy series to my new favorite network, ABC. I’m pumped! Click inside to learn more!

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Diablo Cody is returning to the small screen.

A year and a half after Showtime canceled the United States of Tara, the Oscar-winning Juno scribe has sold a comedy to ABC, The Hollywood Reporterhas confirmed.

Alex + Amy, from Warner Bros. Television and Amblin TV, is described as a romantic comedy revolving around a millennial guy and a Gen X woman in love. ABC has given a script plus penalty order to the single-camera comedy.

It also sounds like some of the producers who were involved with The United States Of Tara are also working with Cody on this one, which is a good sign. I think I only caught the first season of the show, but I remember it was during a marathon or something and I could not stop watching. It was easily one of the coolest, smartest shows I’d ever seen. Toni Collette is a god among men and I’ve been paying close attention to Diablo Cody since then. Juno wasn’t my favorite movie ever, but I think Cody has definitely inspired the writing and plots for some of my fave indie flicks. I can’t wait to see how this new series pans out.

What do you guys think of the news? Cody will be transitioning from Showtime to ABC which is kind of a jump, and (as of right now) the show has a kind of generic sound to it. Will you be on the look-out for Alex + Amy?


  • cringefest

    “Showtime’s ‘The United States Of Tara’ Writer…” Uh? This headline is whack. That writer has a name and a recognizable one at that. I somehow doubt I’d ever see “Showtime’s ‘The United States Of Tara’ Actress to star in a new ABC series” as a headline here. Regardless, I have grown to like you quite a bit, Shannon, but I had to point this out. :)

    Anyway, I am curious to see how Cody transitions to a more puritanical network. Young Adult had me cringing almost the whole time.

    • Shannon

      cringefest, thanks for commenting… LOL. Truth be told, ‘DIablo Cody’ was in the original headline but I kept wondering IF that was a recognizable name or if I only THOUGHT it was because my screenwriting friends and I are obsessed with her. I’m gonna go ahead and take your comment as proof that I should have gone with my original plan, lmao.

      LMAO at ‘a more puritanical network.’ I didn’t see YA but I heard good things– you no likey?!

    • cringefest

      OMG there is a new headline!. I do love you, Shannon! Often because you bring to the forefront not-so-pleasant things here, for better or for worse! You are a valuable addition. Keep being your awesome self. :)

    • Shannon

      cringefest, no seriously. I really appreciate you pointing it out because I was sitting there for a good 45 seconds like, ‘I think this might be a wack headline… but I also don’t know if anybody else knows who Diablo Cody is,’ lmao. You kept it real, and you were sweet about it. And that’s something I can say about a lot of our readers– I really do appreciate all the feedback, critical and otherwise :)

    • cringefest

      I am happy to participate on these rare occasions. I’ve always been impressed at how you and Trent respond so positively to feedback.

    • cringefest

      Cringing isn’t bad or good, it just is. I will age myself by saying that I call these Costanza moments.

    • Shannon

      LMAO!!! Okay, I get it.

    • cringefest


    • Shannon

      Shouts-out to you in the post :)