Rihanna Releases The Official Tracklist For ‘Unapologetic’


As we all know, Rihanna is getting ready for the release of her seventh studio album, Unapologetic. And by “getting ready” I mean she’s been dressing up as weed, getting back with old boyfriends we loathe, and talking about those old boyfriends in Vogue. Okay. No, here’s what she’s really been doing: releasing new singles called Diamonds, and cover art for the album, and new stills from the upcoming video. And now, she’s putting out her tracklist. There’s one song in PARTICULAR, that’s got me raising all two of my eyebrows (simultaneously and then… consecutively). So yeah. Click inside for more!
Unapologetic tracklist (minus features)

Standard edition:

1. Fresh Off The Runway
2. Diamonds
3. Numb
4. Pour It Up
5. Loveeeeeee Song
6. Jump
7. Right Now
8. What Now
9. Stay
10. Nobodys Business
11. Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
12. Get It Over With
13. No Love Allowed
14. Lost In Paradise

Deluxe Edition:

15. Half Of Me
16. Diamonds (Dave Aude 100 Extended)
17. Diamonds (Gregor Salto Downtempo Remix)
Bonus DVD, never-before-released footage and Rihanna’s Loud Tour recorded live at London’s O2 Arena (20 mins)

Okay. Track number 10 is the one that really caught my eye. Y’all may or may not remember this, but back when we first got that horrifying confirmation of the Rihanna/CB/Karreuch love triangle, I noticed that Rihanna tweetedAin’t nobody bidness….. But mine and my baby!” Fun fact: that’s an old Billie Holiday song and some of the lyrics say things about being with a man who hits you and how that’s okay ’cause it ain’t nobody’s business, etc.

So yeah. I know, I know. I’m doing that thing you’re not supposed to do where you read somebody’s personal life all up into every artistic thing they do. It’s like reading a Virginia Woolf novel and trying to make every line about the way she ended her life; it’s wrong. But sometimes… it’s right. And I’m very interested in hearing track 10. Along with all of the other songs.

A lot of people are saying it’s too soon for another Rihanna album, but Diamonds just hit No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs so I’m sure things are working out for RiRi. Who’s looking forward to hearing the new jams?

Unapologetic drops on November 19.


  • Corene Lavhan Woodford-Johnson

    Im really not sure if she is in a place of self awareness. Im not sure if her actions are to promote her album but I dont get it. I just dont.

    • Shannon

      Corene Lavhan Woodford-Johnson, thanks for commenting! It’s hard to say for sure where she’s coming from but generally when you’re being super ‘unapologetic’ and making it clear that you don’t give an eff, you’re soooo not about being self-aware, lol. I think she def wants to promote the album and knows that no publicity is bad publicity, and another reader recently was just like ‘She’s young!’ which is also true.

  • HeatherLea

    Track 10, Shannon- not 17. :)

    I’m over Rihanna, to be honest. Her music doesn’t interest me like it did before, and neither does her personal life. If she chooses to be with douchebag mcgee, then as they say- “let it be.”

    • Shannon

      HeatherLeah, agh! Thank you :)

      And I gotta say, I like your attitude about all this– “let it be” might be the way to go.

    • HeatherLea

      I mean, people will do what they want. And, looking at her recent actions, she seems to be the kind of person who likes being told she “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do something. As if it makes it all the more exciting for her when she does it. That is sometimes a good quality to have, but at other times it’s a very bad one. She knows the world will see and talk about her every move. So, whether she’s just seeking attention/publicity, or she truly feels justified in her choices, it really doesn’t matter because she will do it anyway.

  • GemmaZ

    In all honesty I think she needs to take a break – step back and have a look at her life.

    Step outta the light RihRih and just ‘be’ for a while.

    She may end up with burn out – but i am experiencing a little ‘Rihanna -out’ as well at the moment!

  • Jean

    so many songs with the word “Love”

  • Zanne

    On a somewhat unrelated note, have you seen the Rihanna/Chris Brown Key & Peele skit? The feminist in me whole-heartedly approves! ;) http://www.comedycentral.com/video-clips/rfuj4b/key-and-peele-chris-brown—rihanna-2gether

  • fmx

    I hope it’s meant to be ironic and not literal interpretation of Billie Holiday’s version. And if it isn’t she is really out of touch with the seriousness of domestic violence that in the self-revolving world of celebrities doesn’t affect only them.