Britney Spears And Twitter-Tease The Release Of The ‘Scream & Shout’ Video


Get ready y’all! It’s been a few weeks since Trent first shared the news that Britney Spears would be appearing on’s new track Scream & Shout, and even though it’s not a Britney song I know everyone’s still cRaZy excited!  We also got to see some grainy (but still, totally fun) pics from the video and now Britney and are taking to Twitter to let us know that we are– apparently– very close to hearing the new jam. I may not be the world’s biggest Britney fan (there can only be one… hai Trent), but I’m totally excited for this video to drop, lol. Click inside for more!

Here’s what Twitter’s looking like right about now:

And here are some of the responses from #BritneyArmy:

And someone got all spiritual about it:

Shouts-out to, like, everybody on this blog. LMAO:

Obviously, there are like, a million other responses but those are just a few of my faves. Who else is freaking the freak out about Britney’s (ok,’s) new jam, lol?! I mean, seriously, WTF is “soon”? Hopefully it’s another way of saying “Monday” or “Tuesday afternoon at the latest.” But we’ll have to wait and see!



  • Dezden

    I’m excited!!