Watch: Meet The ‘Human Ken Doll’ Who’s Had 90 Plastic Surgery Procedures


So ABC News recently covered two very extreme plastic surgery stories… and I cannot believe what I just watched. But then again… I kinda can. The world has changed and plastic surgery just isn’t a big deal anymore. Those who can afford it (and those who can’t) are getting nipped and tucked left and right. Hell, even Angela Lansbury’s had work and she’s encouraged others to do the same. I remember reading a story a while back about a 14 year-old girl whose mother was urging her to get breast implants (the girl didn’t want ‘em) so yeah. It’s totally the new normal and in the above video you’ll meet a young man known as the ‘human Ken Doll’ and a woman with the SEVENTH LARGEST breasts in the world. Both have extreme stories of plastic surgeries and both of them can’t wait to have more work done. Peep the video above and join me inside as I try to wrap my brain around what just happened.

So, here’s the thing about today’s That-Ish-Cray Of The Day. It’s beyond cray. It’s kinda, sorta scary. And at the same time… I don’t want to judge these people who totally are doing what maaad people are doing every day!They’re just more dramatic versions of the celebs and Real Housewives we all know and lurve. But the reporter asked an interesting question– is there something psychologically wrong with an individual who gets hella, hella plastic surgery? The mom they interviewed is willing to risk her life for bigger breasts (and more money, as a result)– how insane is that? For a second I thought she was that mom from that old MTV True Life episode about embarrassing parents, but this mom actually covers up when she gets her kids from school so I know it wasn’t that other mom. And yeah, kudos to her for putting on that hoodie, lmao! What’s interesting though, is that you can see (in that moment when she talks about how she grew up) how desperate she is to never go back to being poor. So, interestingly enough, class is a factor here as well. But the mom in me kinda vomited when I heard her say that she does this for her family. Y’all know how I feel about mothers using their children as an excuse for anything, including breast implants.

And the ‘human Ken Doll’ was just, like, hilarious. He didn’t even seem to have any illusions about what he was doing. He totally admitted that the first surgery was a ‘need’ (whatever that means) and the following 89 were ‘wants,’ so at least he’s keeping it real… sort of. But still, you can easily get a sense of his deep-rooted insecurities, which we all have.

What do you guys think of this madness???!!! And WTF kind of daycare center hires a woman with ginormous breasts so they can ‘involve the Dads’??? And how hard did you crack up when ‘Ken’ totally gagged at the suggestion that he ‘just work out’?!?! LMAO. In that moment, we were one.

#ThatIsSoNot Exciting.NotGlamorousOrFabulous.


  • CB

    How sad.

  • Lulu

    Blarg.. why can I never watch the vids on here? :(

    • Lulu

      Got it working. Okay, I lol’d at the working out comment too. hehe

      But I’m so sad for the children of that mom… I don’t know how she could risk her life with those beautiful kids for another surgery :(

    • Shannon

      Lulu, I think they get to a point where it functions as some kind of addiction. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  • Serena

    Not only is that the Ish-Cray of the day. But it’s also F’d up Sh*t too. The human ken doll dude is so freaky looking. I think doing all this external fixing isnt gonna solve the internal issues. Have we not learned from Heidi Montague (sp?). I dont even wanna comment on the Boob lady. It really is sad how much plastic surgery has become so normal in the world. People are literally wasting / spending thousands of dollars on “fixing” their bodies. What a shame. What message does it send to young kids. It’s hard enough that the media and magazines make young girls feel like they have to look a certain way.

    • Shannon

      Serena, ‘ doing all this external fixing isnt gonna solve the internal issues.’ YES! So true, and yet, so hard for many of us to truly believe that. I said I didn’t want to judge these two individuals because I really think they are (more dramatic or amplified) reflections of the way we ALL think. We all have different things we do, different rituals we practice to make us look better and a lot of it is a reflection of something internal. I think these two are doing what a lot of us do, but in a much bigger (and more expensive) way.

  • Steven

    All of this makes me so sad. I will never get plastic surgery because I’m too proud, and in this case I think pride is a good thing. Perfect doesn’t exist, and these people seem to acknowledge that yet still see all this work as ‘improvement.’ What ideal are they chasing? Is it just novelty-seeking? Or are they hoping to be the spectacle, as the reporter seems to believe.

    • Shannon

      Steven, I seriously wish I had answers to these questions. Sometimes I THINK people who go cray for plastic surgery are like people with distorted body image (this is common in people with bulimia and anorexia); they do not see what we see when they look in the mirror. I think the mom, for example, doesn’t realize she’s starting to look more like a sideshow freak (which her daughter pointed) than a blonde bombshell.

  • Sarah

    This mom is definitely the one from MTV’s True Life. I recognize both her and her daughter.

    • Shannon

      Sarah, maybe you’re right. See, I remember the mom on True Life (and maybe this was a diff mom) being really insistent on showing off her stuff with and without her kids. This mom actually seemed conscious of the fact that she should at least try to cover up in front of the children, lol. Or, it could be the same mom and she changed a little, which would be a great thing.

  • Megan

    Do people not realize they will get old? Those boobs are gunna give that lady hella (in the words of shannon) problems.

    • Shannon

      Megan, lmao! The worst part is she already can’t sleep at night. Hella problems, indeed.

  • miguel


  • Alyssa

    That Ken doll guy is ugly – how can he not see how plastic surgery has turned him from a great normal looking guy to something freaky and very ugly?

  • Nathan

    That guy looks more like Barbie than he does Ken.

    • BAlito

      LOL… Indeed!!!

  • Ella

    The “Ken doll” looks like KD Lang and Keanu Reeves grown up baby. But in all seriousness, I really do think excessive plastic surgery can be a sign of not only emotional problems, but psychological problems too. Not a lot of people know what body dysmorphic disorder is and the lengths people with this disease will go to “fix” what they think is wrong with them.
    On the emotional front, it really is a sign that our society is failing in a lot of ways. Even if you don’t go the extreme plastic surgery route, young girls are starving themselves, many women are walking around with low-self esteem all because our society is obsessed with this idea and ideal of ‘beauty.’

    If I ever went under the knife it would be for a breast lift and reduction. I understand wanting a procedure to enhance their quality of life, but when you are obsessed to the point of putting living on hold, potential financial ruin, and chasing an elusive ideal, then there is a major problem.

  • Ariel Echeverria

    if he puts on a wig he could pass for janice dickenson

    • emily

      @Ariel – LMAO! Nailed it!

  • emily

    The extreme surgery and “new heights” they’re talking about remind me of the Hunger Games and how everyone in the Capital mutilated their bodies and it was considered beautiful within the Capital and revolting outside the Capital.

  • Rachel


    First of all, I dislike plastic surgery in general, mostly because I don’t imagine I’ll ever be able to afford any. However, your link to the “Mommy Wars” culture post had me really wanting to respond, and then I realized it was a thread from June and that would be silly. I like all the controversy it stirred up, mostly because some readers were pissy about personal posts. I have been reading PITNB since 2005 and it was a good mix of Trent’s personal life and experiences and then gossip/celebs. I think it’s really great that you are getting to share in the personal posts on PITNB. You have a different perspective from Trent in several key ways. For me, I love that you’re a mommy that takes parenting seriously, you are super smart but also funny, and representing the east coast. I also think you handled the controversy very professionally. Personally I don’t even UNDERSTAND “Attachment Parenting” and it just kinda turns me off. Somebody said something about hype in one of these posts recently and I firmly agree. I cannot stand hype… the more hype, the more turned off I get. I noticed the “Taylor Swift store” in Walgreens this weekend and it made me hate her. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl with a big heart and catchy tunes, but the hype just kills it for me. Her marketing team seem like genius robots, though!


    • Shannon

      Rachel, I’m just seeing this but thank YOU! It’s never too late to talk about the Mommy Wars, lol. And I like that you’re bringing up the ‘hype’ issue. I think those Moms– in an attempt to highlight their decisions and to make Attachment Parenting a part of the greater conversation– might have ended up creating more hype than they needed.

      Hope you get to see this response– I really appreciate the support, especially from long-time readers :)

  • Vicky

    As cray as it is… people who do this to themselves are obviously not well.

  • kookooboy

    Think of all the good he could have done in the world with the money he spent to move his face and body around. It seems so decadent. Vanity is foul.

    • Serenity

      @Kookooboy This line of thinking makes me cringe. It’s his money. There are a lot of hings that he could have done with it, but unless you’re going to start saving up so you can donate some lump sum to whatever charity or cause, it’s silly to imply what other people should do.