Watch: Alicia Keys Releases An Updated ‘Girl On Fire’ Video With Nicki Minaj


A little while back we got to see the debut video for Girl On Fire off Alicia Keys’s forthcoming album of the same name. Although I couldn’t get over how amazing AK looked, I wasn’t a big fan of the video; the concept was cool but it was delivered in a strange way. Anyway, the new video has a lot of the same footage from the first, but Nicki Minaj gets featured, as she has a couple of short verses on Girl On Fire (Inferno Remix). Nicki’s first verse is cool but the second one at the end of the song… total ‘meh.’ However, I did notice that they took out all the ridiculous product placement from the first video (BVLGARI and SONYas PITNBR Colleen pointed out– got major, unnecessary shouts-out). Peep the video for more! Anybody liking this version better?

Girl On Fire, the fifth studio album for Alicia Keys, drops November 27th.