Leonardo DiCaprio And Erin Heatherton Are Dunzo


Leonardo DiCaprio is single again, back on the prowl. The actor and his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton had been dating since late last year (after he broke up with Blake Lively, who just got hitched to Ryan Reynolds), but it’s totally over now. At least, that’s what sources are saying… you never know with these tricky, tricky celebrities. Although in Leo’s case, I think we can probably be sure that they’re dunzo. Click inside for more.

E! has the report:

Leonardo DiCaprio is back on the market.

The perennial bachelor and his latest very hot girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatheron, have broken up, a source confirmed Friday to E! News.

And, once again, after she had met his mom and everything!

DiCaprio and Heatherton coupled up late last year following the actor’s split from Blake Lively, and that coming shortly after his splitfrom model Bar Refaeli.

Before Refaeli, Gisele Bündchen was DiCaprio’s main squeeze for a good four years.

He and Heatherton did the romantic-adventure thing in Mexico in January, with DiCaprio’s mom Irmelin even joining them on a zip-lining excursion.

But long-distance love is tough, and DiCaprio, who spent a large chunk of time shooting The Great Gatsby in Australia last year, was logging a lot of hours in New Orleans this spring filming Django Unchained.

The source adds that the pair amicably called it quits a few weeks ago and there’s no ill will between them.

Some reader on E! had the nerve to suggest that Leo start dating Taylor Swift… lmao! Ummmmm, no. Methinks Leo might do well with a grown-ass woman. My vote is for Kerry Washington, although I have no real reason behind that. I don’t even know if she’s single but yeah. Kerry Washington would wife that up real good, lol.

But seriously, what is the deal with Leo? He’s been dating for a mighty long time, it seems. But I can see how his work schedule would be a real problem. He has hella movies coming out between Django, Gatsby, and the new Martin Scorsese flick I’m sure it’s tricky. Here’s hoping that he and Erin can move on in good spirits, and that Leo gets to really settle down one day… if that’s even what he wants. I can think of a whoooole lotta ladies who are just fine with him remaining single for, like, ever. Shouts-out to my BFF Michelle.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News]


  • Juneh

    He should marry Kate! :D

  • cottongems.com

    it be like that sometime

  • emily

    Kerry Washington is awesome, but it would never work. She’s not a supermodel! Rafaeli, Bundchen, Heatherton … Lively was his one non-supermodel, but she’s pretty close to it. He deffo has a type.

  • Luna

    I still think Gisele and him are the most perfect match ever. Too bad Gisele is married! But but but! You never know what’s gonna happen in the future!