Harper Seven Beckham Has NEVER Worn The Same Outfit Twice


We’ve already heard PLENTY about how much of a budding fashionista 15 month old Harper Seven Beckham is here on the blog … whether it’s her lurve of shoes or her training in treating the airport walkways as her own personal fashion runway … but did you know that Harper’s still growing collection of clothing allows her to never have to wear the same outfit twice? Now, we can’t be sure that mama Victoria Beckham doesn’t reuse her daughter’s clothes while at home, out of the public eye … but an eagle-eyed reporter has noticed that Harper Seven has never (or, at least, almost never) been photographed wearing the same outfit twice. Damn.

She may only by 15 months old, but little Harper Beckham already has enough designer outfits to make the most fashion conscious jealous. Being the daughter of Spice Girl turned clothes designer Victoria and style-icon and footballer David Beckham, it’s probably not surprising the toddler has no shortage of dresses to wear. And despite being the newest member of the Beckham household, the adorable tot has managed to upstage the most fashionable couples in the world with her collection of outfits.

It is never a good idea to speak in absolutes … but it is very likely that Vicki B. has decided that her daughter (at least at this young age) will not wear the same outfits twice. It’s possible that Harper Seven’s cute and very posh designer outfits get taken off her at night and are immediately thrown into the fireplace. I guess it’s much more likely that the clothes are donated to other less fashionable children willing to wear hand-me-downs but, in either case, Harper Seven never seems to have to be forced to wear the same outfit twice. Some kids have all the luck.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • ClaireMichelle

    She is so cute I could die.

  • Lauren xx

    If she has the means, why not? She’s built her post-Spice Girls career around being a fashion icon, it would be detrimental to her personal brand to dress Harper in Osh Kosh. (Plus, I’m sure she’s having a TON of fun dressing her little girl.)

  • sfmommy

    Hey V.B. – I have three little girls who would adore some of those hand me downs. Just sayin’. Daughter #3 (6 months) is literally wearing the same wardrobe as daughter #1 did almost 7 years ago). I’m sure she is donating…I would love to know how much those clothes are going for at the goodwill shop. :-)