Gawker Responds To Hulk Hogan’s $100 Million Sex Tape Lawsuit Against Them


Okay, so remember a while back when Gawker posted a clip of the infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape? Yes… of course you do; it was unforgettable… and unforgivable. Well Hogan made good on his promises to sue the website and he wants $100,000,000 for ‘severe and irreparable injury’ as well as the name of the individual who leaked the tape to Gawker. Originally, the Hulk was also suing his former friend Bubba The Love Sponge (yup), whose wife was the lovely young lady in the video. But Bubba issued an apology and claimed he had no idea his wife and Hogan were being taped, so Hulk settled with him out of court. Not so much for the gossip site, Gawker. Hulk Hogan is moving forward with his suit against them (and Bubba’s wife Heather Clem) Click inside to see what Gawker has to say.

TMZ has the report:

Gawker has filed a response to Hulk’s $100,000,000 lawsuit against the website … begging the judge to throw out the case because they had a journalistic right to publish the 1 minute 41 second clip.

In the docs, Gawker claims Hulk had already admitted he was an adulterer in a book he released in 2009 … so the video couldn’t have caused any more harm to his already sullied reputation.

Gawker also claims the website shouldn’t be on the hook for invading Hulk’s privacy because it didn’t record the tape … it just distributed a small amount of the footage, which it believed to be newsworthy because Hulk is a world famous celebrity.

Gawker also says it shouldn’t have to reveal the identity of the person who leaked the footage to the website — despite Hulk’s demands — citing laws that protect the news sources.

A judge has yet to rule.

I know many of you would rather forget about everything and anything having to do with the Hulk Hogan sex tape, but the legal drama is kind of interesting! I’m very curious to find out how the judge rules. Gawker did eventually take the tape down, although hella people saw it first (some of you included… and me), so it’s hard to say how much damage they really did to his rep. And it’s not like we were all sitting around thinking Hulk Hogan was, like, this super sweet, super perfect dude. But we also didn’t know how he has sex… and how he likes to talk about when he last ate and what a pig he is, after he’s finished. Awkward. Do you guys think Hulk has any right to sue?

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  • Megan

    I’m actually on Hulk’s side. If you are filmed without your permission and then someone put this video online, would you not be fuming mad? That’s beyond an invasion of privacy and should be illegal. If it was a woman who was filmed without her permission and then paraded online, would we feel angrier?

    Honestly, even when the person is aware of filming, only an individual involved should be able to sell it. The fact that someone can steal another persons tape and then sell it for profit is so jacked up.

    • Shannon

      Megan, I hear you. I think, then, it makes sense that he would sue the woman (and whoever actually set up that camera to record the act). But to me Gawker just did what any gossip site would do if they got a hold of footage like that. But you make a good point– no one has been especially sympathetic to Hulk Hogan in this. I think we’ve all been distracted by the shock and awe of the footage itself, lol.

    • Megan

      I think you’re right about Gawker, but what does that say about our society? If they didn’t put it online, someone else would have and then they would have the scoop. But, in a perfect world, I would hope people would have the integrity to not accept video secretly shot of someone having sex. Maybe with the popularity of porn, people have become desensitized? Idk. Gawker definitely doesn’t owe him 100 million, but I think he’s just trying to prove a point that they need to think about the consequences.