Watch: Miley Cyrus Is Making Out With A Unicorn In Borgore’s ‘Decisions’ Video


Okay, first of all let me just say that I’m kinda, sorta into dub step. I’m still bumpin’ that Centipede track from this past summer and when Taylor Swift dropped I Knew You Were Trouble, I officially became a fan of her music (I know, I’m late). So you can imagine my disappointment when I heard this new song by Israeli producer BorgoreTrent posted it back in August and aptly (and sarcastically) dubbed it the Collaboration of the Century. LMAO. He wasn’t lyin’ y’all. The lyrics are… pretty wack-tastic (although I do kinda like the ‘shoulda let bitches love cake’ part, for whatever reason), and the video is just as ridiculous. Oh yeah, and then there’s the singing. Which is also not good, IMO. Bottom line, this song totally gives dub step a bad name! But I had to watch the video and now so do you– misery lurves company! Plus you gotta see Miley (who I’m still referring to as Gwen Stefani in my head) make out with Liam the Unicorn. Enjoy/feel free to blame me for bringing this video to your attention.



  • Joan

    I find everything about this HILARIOUS. This songs cracks me up. And not in a good way.

  • PixiesBassline

    OMG. What an abomination! I can’t stay here now. I have to go clean out my brain with some Bassnectar.