The Guitar From Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Video Is Being Auctioned Off


Last month we heard some not-so-great Nirvana-related news. Courtney Love, apparently, has plans to team up with Britney Spears’s former (now disgraced) manager Sam Lufti to make a Nirvana musical. Or a Nirvana movie. They haven’t decided yet, but either way it sounds like a pretty bad idea, and PITNBR emily had some [amazingly on-point] choice words about the whole movement. But now we have a less devastating Nirvana story– Kurt Cobain’s smashed bass guitar from Nirvana’s definitive Smell Like Teen Spirit video is going to be auctioned off in London this month. Sigh. What I wouldn’t give to be a thousandaire right about now. Click inside for deets!

Complex has the story:

On November 29, Christie’s in London will auction off a smashed guitar used by Kurt Cobain in Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video. The 1960s Japanese Zen-on bass guitar was purchased from a pawn shop for the filming of the video and was later smashed into pieces during the shoot. With the remaining bits expected to fetch as much as $40,000, this is one of the coolest pieces of Nirvana memorabilia from their epic run in the early 1990s.

I think this is kind of cool, and I’m already jealous of whoever’s gonna make the highest bid. The best news is, Courtney won’t be able to use it in her musical and/or movie. So, yeaahhhh! Hopefully the guitar we all know and remember fondly will find a good home… in fact, I’d love to see it end up at the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, but I’m totally biased, lol.

And I love that they got the guitar at a pawn shop. Sweetness:


  • emily

    Woo-hoo! PITNBR emily back and THRILLED you both liked my snarky, rude and totally on point comment! Sorry, I’ve had a bone to pick with Courtney since Kurt’s suicide. My old bandmate and I both railed against her while we wore mourning black and covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” after his death. Still can’t shake my 8th grader rage I guess. … Well, that and her being a horrible mother and opportunist reignites my fury I suppose.
    Back to the topic, holy jebus I’m already jealous of whomever gets that guitar. Shannon, let’s find out who gets it and stare longingly through their window. An another note, how does one display smashed up pieces of a guitar? Would it have the same impact as a whole guitar? Or better b/c there’s a story behind it? Hmmm.