Here’s What’s Left Of Rihanna’s Hallowe’en Costume


So Rihanna and Lady Gaga dressed up as, um, weed plants for Hallowe’en, which is awesome… if you’re into weed. And Rihanna looooves to tweet about how much she’s into weed, so it totally makes sense. I guess. I dunno… it was weird. ‘Cause she was like a weed bride or something; there was a veil and a weed bouquet. I was a little confused (oh wait no, look I found the proper title: ‘Princess High the Cannabis Queen’) but hey– it was Hallowe’en! And it’s not like she dressed up as a terrorist or anything. Her boyfriend did! Wait. I digress. Oh yes– pics of Rihanna’s Hallowe’en costume– and the remnants thereof– are inside!

So here’s how things started out for Rihanna:

And then, on the following day, she shared this one on Instagram with the caption: “The morning after! Hello November.

Oh RiRi. You’re SO bad! LMAO. Y’all know I love this girl. She’s so ridiculous and so ridiculously fun, I just can’t not talk about her. Even though she kinda turned me off after that Vogue interview, I still got lurve for her and I sincerely hope she didn’t try to to smoke her dress. Weed heads can be ill sometimes, lol. Happy November Rihanna and happy November to everyone! What do you guys think of Rihanna’s latest side boob shot? And don’t you dare say it’s getting old– it’s side boob y’all. It never gets old……. right?


  • Vanessa Luis

    I used to adore her back in her “Good Girl Gone Bad” days but now she just seems to always need attention. IDK girlfriend is overrated and overexposed.

  • Sam

    Bah, she’s young!

  • Diana

    UGH. I feel like she TRIES too hard. But I guess if there’s a time to act ridiculous it’s when you’re still young…so get it out of your system, RiRI, before it gets incredibly old.

    • @Diana — “I feel like she TRIES too hard” Nail on the head.