First Listen: Backstreet Boys Preview Their New Xmas Single ‘It’s Christmas Time Again’


It seems like Xmas comes sooner and sooner with each passing year and this year is no exception. Hallowe’en is barely over and folks are already releasing their Xmas singles! Altho we are still a few weeks away from the Thanksgiving holiday, Backstreet Boys want us to start thinking about Xmas … with the release of their new Xmas single titled It’s Christmas Time Again. Click below to sample a short clip of the new BSB single and start decking the halls, y’all … Xmas is already here, apparently.

The full single won’t be available for purchase until next Tuesday but you can click below to hear 30 seconds of the song to get a taste of what’s to come:

Now that Kevin Richardson is back in the fold, BSB is back at full strength … and they seem ready to reconquer the world. It remains to be seen if the guys will be able to compete with the likes of One Direction these days but going for the nostalgic audience who tends to get weepy-eyed around the holidays seems like a very smart idea to me. I’m not a big fan of holiday music, generally, but I do love a good comeback story. Backstreet’s back … alright?


  • nicole

    i want to listen to this because i love me some BSB…but its November 2nd. its just not right to be listening to Christmas music.

    • @nicole — I hear you :) I’m so not ready for xmas.

  • Erica Croce

    It sounds like a song in a Macy’s Christmas commercial…but, I don’t hate it.

    Are they releasing a full Christmas album?

  • Megan

    They released a Christmas song many many years ago that I still listen to at Christmas.

    I doubt they’ll have a full Christmas album Erica

  • Megan

    I have to admit, I’m not a fan of what I hear. It’s too sugary