First Listen: Ashlee Simpson Returns With A New As-Yet-Untitled Single


Back in the early 00’s, Ashlee Simpson stepped out of her sister Jessica Simpson’s shadow and found fame of her own with a reality TV show on MTV. From that TV show, Ashlee was able to reinvent herself as a popstar … to some success. Her debut album Autobiography was one of my fave albums of the Summer of ’04 and she managed to enjoy marginal hit after hit with her second album. Soon after, tho, Ashlee got married to Pete Wentz, had a baby, got divorced from Pete Wentz and, well, she just lived her life out of the public eye. But now, she’s back. Ashlee will be releasing an as-yet-untitled new single on November 21 … but she gives us a sample of the song in the video above. Honestly, I don’t love it. At all. Compared her her earlier stuff, this song sounds weak to me. BUT, it’s only a sample so … I’ll reserve final judgement until the full song is released. Any Ashlee Simpson fans out there? Do you like the first taste of her new music?

  • Babs

    Is it just me, or does these seem like it’s trying to rip off some Garbage?

  • nicole

    i dont hate it, but its not something i would go out of my way to listen too. but that could change when the full song comes out

  • Meg

    I am a huge fan of her previous albums (they’re so much fun!), but I’m not quite sure how I feel about this snippet. I guess I’d have to hear the entire album to know if it feels like something I’d listen to. (You know how some songs can grow on you after a while of hearing them in the context of the rest of the album? Or is that just me?)

  • miguel

    LOVE the song, it’s produced by LINDA PERRY, and I have high hopes that maybe it’s a demo, but either way, I’m just excited for new music from Ashlee. Apparently the name of the song is “BAT FOR A HEART”

  • laura

    Courtney Love…..?

  • I can’t wait to see her lip-sync this on SNL!

  • Sam

    I gotta say, I loved me some “outta my head”, but this snippet is just so bland!

  • HoneyBoo

    I miss fun Ashlee. And is it just me, or does she look weirdly like Stephanie Pratt in moments of this video?

  • Nathan

    I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.

  • Syslak

    I just lost all interest in her when she got all of that ridiculous plastic surgery. She is as bad a Heidi Montag.

    • Desi

      Wow that’s harsh. I thought all she got was a nose job…a little different than Heidi…she went crazy with it all.
      Re: the song, sounds ok from what I could hear [bad internet connection].

  • Libby

    I am a big Ashlee fan but I am not feeling this song so far – will definitely give it a few listens when the whole thing is released though!

  • Megan

    I liked the beginning then it got weird

  • 2cents

    i like her stuff sometimes :)
    sometimes she reminds me of Blondie: yay!
    other times rather forgettable
    i can’t wait for the new cd, this video & song are def tasty to me

  • Jamie Beer

    i love it, cant wait for the new album. Any idea when its out?

  • nr

    Not crazy about the music, but can we give props to this mama for bringing those sick ballet moves back? Damn. Good for her. That takes SKILL y’all.

  • Cupcake

    I’m a fan of hers & I’m totally diggin the song! Excited for a new Ashlee CD :)