The Young Girl Who Was Shot By Members Of The Taliban Is Making A Strong Recovery


A few weeks back we reported a horrific, yet inspiring story about a fourteen year-old girl from Pakistan who had been shot in the head and neck after promoting so-called feminist ideas online. Malala Yousafzai had written for the BBC about the dire educational circumstances for young girls in her hometown and, thus, walked around with a target on her head. Since being shot in her hometown of Pakistan and later hospitalized in Birmingham UK, Malala has miraculously begun to recover and has also been reunited with her family. Check out the video above and click inside to learn more about the courageous young girl who pretty much puts all of our study habits to shame.
Time NewsFeed has the story:

Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old girl shot in the head by a Taliban assailant two weeks ago, was reunited with her family members at a hospital in Birmingham, UK on Thursday. Her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, met with a room full of reporters Friday to discuss his daughter’s condition and the events leading up to her attack.

The family’s reunion was marked by tears of joy, Yousafzai said, while admitting that he had originally feared he would be planning for a funeral instead.  He described his daughter’s prognosis as a “miracle,” adding that he had not expected her to be able to talk or see.

He described the attack, which occurred at the school he runs for girls in the Swat Valley.  The young Pakistani girl, who has become an international figure for women’s rights, had just completed an exam and was sitting in her school’s van about to head home as a gunman approached her.  He said that he was confident his daughter would “rise again” to pursue her dreams and continue her education…

“When she fell, Pakistan stood,” an emotional Ziauddin Yousafzai said. “This is a turning point and that is why I am thankful to all the people all over the world, indifferent to caste, creed, religion, faith, age and sex. Everyone across the world, they condemned the attack in strong words and prayed for my daughter. She is not only my daughter, she is the daughter of everybody—the sister of everybody.”

Malala reportedly asked her father to bring her school books from home so that she could resume her studies from her hospital bed.  Yousafzai added that she told him she wanted to return to Swat for her final exams.

I am truly happy to hear that Malala has survived the attack and plans to get back to her studies. I’m sure she has a ways to go before she fully recovers, but this is amazing news for Malala, her family, and the entire world. We NEED Malala! And I can’t wait to keep up with her writing when she gets back to blogging. Clearly, she’s not going to let anything  (I mean, literally, anything) stop her from learning more and sharing her experiences with the world. I so rarely use this word but, again, she is an inspiration to me– and hopefully– to some of you as well.



  • karen

    Thank goodness for her incredible recovery so far.
    I wish her continued strength and courage. This girl humbles me.

  • emily

    Shannon, thank you for posting follow ups about Malala and her incredible courage, it’s important people are informed about her situation.
    One small suggestion though – you have “Since being shot and hospitalized in Birmingham, UK” – it sounds like she was shot in Birmingham too. Hopefully everyone knows that’s not the case, but I read it and had to do a double take.
    Otherwise keep up the thought provoking and important posts! Love them! Oh, also Yeezy posts … gotta keep it balanced with Yeezy, LOL.

    • Shannon

      emily, thanks for pointing that out– I’ve edited for clarity.

      I’m glad you’re keeping up with the story, as well as Kanye… lol. Both important subjects, for slightly different reasons :)

    • emily

      @Shannon – And this is why PITNB is the best … finding a fine balance in all important subjects, one pink star at a time. Thanks to you and Trent for keeping up the awesome work! (Side note, very glad to hear your family is all safe and sound in NYC, hoping you’ll be able to go back to your home soon.)