Neil Patrick Harris Is The Wizard Of ‘Awwww’s


Another Hallowe’en has come and gone and just like that, Hallowe’en 2012 is history. I’m sure you saw your fair share of cute costumes last night both in person and/or online so today will likely be a day to look back on some of the fun had this Hallowe’en. Celebrities and their families are not immune to the annual Hallowe’en festivities and, naturally, they like to get in on the fun. Neil Patrick Harris, his partner David Burtka and their twin children Harper and Gideon got all dolled up as characters from The Wizard of Oz. As you can see below, they did an amazing job bringing those characters to life. Check out the official Harris-Burtka family Hallowe’en photo for 2012 and I dare you not to AWWWWWW out loud.

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope your tricking and treating gotcha lotsa booty! Here’s our family costume pic

I mean, are you kidding me? Harper as Dorothy is seriously to DIE FOR adorable … as is Gigeon as the Cowardly Lion. NPH as the Tin Man and David as the Scarecrow look just spot-on perfect. Many people like to highlight the scary parts of Hallowe’en and that’s all well and good, but there is something to be said about the cute and very fun parts of Hallowe’en, too. Of the costumes I’ve seen thus far, I think NPH and his family win the celebrity prize this year. What do y’all think? Isn’t this just the cutest family you’ve seen, like, ever?!


  • Shannon

    TOO Cute! Look at that Dorothy wig!!! Lol, I love it.

  • nicole

    awwww. so cute!

  • karen

    omg. seriously, SO CUTE. ridiculous. all 4 of them.

  • fab4runner

    Love it! The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie and I have always wanted to get a group together and do this for Halloween. Not sure we could ever compare, though lol.

  • Joan

    Love and perfection.