Kanye West Makes Up With The Photographer He Attacked Last Month


In mid-October we reported about¬†an altercation between Kanye West and a photographer in Miami. You might remember that Kanye flipped out on a lady paparazzo who brought up the dreaded name of ‘Reggie Bush’ in his presence. Kanye totally lost it… we saw pics of him getting in the photographer’s face and trying to eff up her camera and everything. And– even though it was hard for me to admit it at the time– I was kinda disappointed in him. I know a lot of people just think he’s totally cray (he is), but I also know he can be (and act) grown when he chooses to, which is why I was very pleased to see pictures of him making up with that same paparazzo last night. The two bumped into each other at an airport in Miami and a solo Yeezy was photographed hugging it up with her. I’m assuming he offered some sort of apology, and I gotta say, I’m proud of my Yeezy. We all know he has a big ego and I’m glad he’s moving past that to do the right thing. More of that please,¬†Kanye (and, well, everyone)!

P.S. My fave pic is of the two of them fist-bumping… lmao! There’s nothin’ more sincere than a good ol’ fashioned pound.

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

  • blaqfury

    Welcome back Shannon! I hope you and yours are all back up and running again… but on topic… Can’t stay mad at Yeezy for too long… Just heard him on “Click?” (I’m not exactly sure since I couldn’t get my Shazam app up fast enough) with HOV and 2 Chainz, and man he is so talented… he’s definitely got a gift. It’s great seeing him finally grow as a person..let’s hope its a continuing trend..lol!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, thank you! Our entire town (Nyack) is still without electricity, but we are safe with family in NYC. THANK YOU!

      Kanye is crazy talented but we’ve also seen some douchey stuff from him; I like this version better :)

  • Megan

    I’m glad to hear that. I was worried about you! I tried to find you on twitter – what’s your twitter name?

    • Shannon

      Megan, I’m just seeing this! I’m @shannonmhouston :)