Mariah Carey & Fam Dress Up As Goldilocks And The Three Bears


Earlier today we saw photos of Jessica Simpson’s family of mis-matched Hallowe’en costumes and right now we get to see photos of Mariah Carey’s family Hallowe’en photos. Unlike Jessica’s confusing costume choice, Mimi’s perfectly orchestrated costume attire makes so much more sense this Hallowe’en. MC, her husband Nick Cannon and their twin babies Monroe and Moroccan Scott dressed up as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I mean, cute, right? Click below and see how adorable the family looks this Hallowe’en.

Happy Halloween everybody! We have festive new pics with #DemBabies at Halloween edition!

The babies are just too cute for words. I shant focus TOO MUCH on the fact that even tho the entire family dressed up together Mariah just HAD to be the star character … I mean, it’s Mariah Carey, what do we expect? Still, I think the idea of the whole family dressing together in matching costumes is just really adorable. Mimi and family did very well this year. Cute Cute Cute!


  • nicole

    Dem Babies are just freakin adorable.

  • eca

    omg. that’s a really cute idea.