Jessica Simpson & Fam Share Hallowe’en 2012 With You


New mom Jessica Simpson is celebrating her first Hallowe’en with daughter Maxwell Drew so it is the PERFECT time for her to get all dolled up with her baby … right? Well, yes, Jessica and fiancée Eric Johnson did get dressed up this year … but not in cute costumes to match baby Max. While Max dressed up as a baby chicken this year, her parents dressed up as … well, warriors. Eric dressed up as William Wallace of Braveheart and Jessica dressed as his warrior woman. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me but you can see their costumes below.

Happy Halloween from the Simpson-Johnsons! Jessica Simpson shared a photo of her little treat, 5-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew, dressed up as a chicken on her website Wednesday. Also getting in on the holiday fun? The Fashion Star mentor’s fiancé Eric Johnson as a convincing William Wallace of Braveheart. Meanwhile, Simpson, 32, showed a slimmed-down shape in her own cinched-waist costume. “She’s going on with everything,” a source recently told PEOPLE of Simpson’s state of mind after her parents’ split. “She’s sad, but she’s okay.”

Maxwell looks cute as little chicken, tho, she’d look even cuter as a baby chick. Jess and Eric look fine, to be honest, but their costumes don’t really make sense in relation to baby Max OR in terms of pop culture freshness. I guess I don’t really understand why they would want to dress up as William Wallace and his nameless chick but … whatever. I guess for Maxwell’s first Hallowe’en, I thought the family would get into the spirit of dressing up all cute together. But, I guess this is fun, too … right?

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  • nicole

    cute picture. Maxwell is super adorable. the costume may not make sense, but Jessica looks great.

  • Lena

    I see it as two warriors who own a farm and are holding one of their chickens, it could happen, right? :-)

  • Alys

    Who cares if they aren’t at all related or super fresh? The baby looks adorable, and Jess seems happy so why down on them? :)

    • Saira

      I love ya Trent but I tend to agree with Alys on this one.

  • Megan

    Baby Maxwell looks so darn cute as a chicken, I don’t even care that the costumes don’t match. They are lookin good though!

  • Keegan

    Er… On first glance, I kind of thought Jessica was RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Willam Belli!

  • Jessica

    Hair extensions look great!

  • Jenny

    Jess looks smokin’ hot!