Britney Spears Makes The Cutest Witch This Hallowe’en


Earlier today we got to see video of Britney Spears’s appearance on The Tonight Show last night and this post is a kinda sorta follow-up. While Britney was backstage at NBC Studios, she got herself all dolled up in a cute witch costume in order to get into the Hallowe’en mood. As you can see below, in the photo that Britney shared on her various social networks, Britney makes a damn cute Witchney if I do say so myself :D

Working up a spell against Simon Cowell’s groups… muaha ha!

GAH! I love it when Britney dresses up for Hallowe’en. During her darkest days when she went out as a scary Alien, she knew how to rock Hallowe’en right. I’m not entirely certain that this is what Britney’s main Hallowe’en costume will be when she takes her sons trick or treating tomorrow night but no matter what she dresses up as, I’m sure she’ll look great! Even tho I don’t have big Hallowe’en plans for tomorrow, I do plan on wearing a costume. I can’t wait for y’all to see it :D


  • nicole

    the more i see the bangs on her, the more i love them. seriously..she should never ever get rid of them.

    • JCZ

      Just those darn extensions! Pleeeeease.

      But she looked terrific, make-up & all. I’ve been a bit disappointed with X-Factor makeup/hair for all three: Britney, Demi & of course Simon! But last night was good, not too heavy. Looked natural.

    • nicole

      i’ve given up on wishing those extensions away. those damn things are here to stay haha.

    • @nicole — LOL

  • ClaireMichelle

    I hope those aren’t just those clip-in bangs because I love them on her!! Also, cute costume! I love that she even has a cauldron.