Taylor Swift Gets Sexy On The Cover Of ‘Cosmopolitan’ Magazine


At the start of this month we saw Taylor Swift lookin’ cute on the cover of Glamour magazine. A couple of weeks ago, we saw her lookin’ all serious on the cover of British Marie Claire magazine. Today we see Taylor lookin’ SEXY on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. You wanna know why I know Tay Tay is lookin’ sexy on the cover of Cosmo? Because the word SEXY is printed in ALL CAPS right on her cover photo.

I mean … “sexy” isn’t really a word that I would use to describe Taylor Swift, like ever, but she does look pretty good in this coverphoto. Her hair is wild, her make-up is slick … she looks good, I think.

With the release of her new album Red, expect to see Taylor Swift on the cover of a few more magazines in the coming weeks. I wonder what other emotive versions of Taylor we will see on other magazine covers. Any guesses?


  • ClaireMichelle

    I like the cover photo. I LOVE the multiple shots from inside the magazine! Love me some TSwift.

  • fmx

    I love the top. Tswift is bringing the casual with late night sex and blow job interview.

  • Sandy!

    Trent, you never cease to crack me up. When I think TSwift, I don’t think sexy. I think cute or pretty. I dunno, it just doesn’t seem right

  • Krissy

    She is such a beautiful girl…but i am really not liking the cover photo. I think they made her eyebrows look a little too yellow, and the chunk of bangs in the middle of her forehead isn’t flattering. I think the upper left photo in the minipictures looks a lot better.

  • Kate

    Not a fan of the cover but still LOVE her!

  • R.Gill

    Does it seem weird I kinda think her face looks like David Bowie on the cover shot…