Justin Bieber Gets A New Tattoo And A Pet Hamster


The last time we saw a new Justin Bieber tattoo the pop star was posing shirtless online and encouraging his fans to #votebieber during the MTV Video Music Awards. This was back in September, and since getting the small crown tatted on his chest, Justin’s been back to the parlor. This time, it’s all about the wise, old owl. Yup. Owls. Oh, and he has a new pet hamster that he’s, like, really into. Kind of adorable, lol. Click inside for more!

Biebs shared the owl tattoo on Instagram, writing, “Befo the paps get me.”

I’m not sure about the tattoo, but I really had a good time reading some of the Instagram comments. Here are few, just so you can understand how deep it gets:

justinsbabe6 writes, Justin I love you and respect your every decision I am like your biggest belieber but please please please don’t get anymore please

LMAO. Seriously. And here’s one from Ellie:

This is so cute, Justin! I honestly will never leave you, especially over a freakin’ tattoo! Some “fans” are so fake! Your true Beliebers will always be here for you. It’s your body, if you want to get 987535676435 tattoos, go ahead baby! Love you♄

Yo. That’s intense, man. Gotta love those Beliebers… right?

And here’s Justin’s new lil’ man, who apparently goes by the name “pac.”

So, yeah! A hamster! What do you think? As far as the tattoo goes, I totally get wanting a new tat every month but sometimes it’s nice to, you know, take time to develop your ideas– but hey! Whatever! It’s his body. And at least he doesn’t have an Egyptian goddess floating betwixt his chest, right? On the other hand, I’m kinda starting to think the Owl tattoo is a shouts-out to me… I mean, everyone knows “Shannon” means “wise owl” so this is just really awkward on a lot of levels.


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  • ClaireMichelle

    It is always sooo entertaining reading through comments on anything Justin, Selena, Miley or whoever posts. Hahaha. To be fair, though, if my fave celebs had social media back when I was a preteen I’m sure I would have posted some pretty embarassing things too. ;)

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, lol– you’re so right! It scares me to think of the kind of Twitter-stalking I would have been doing at 15. “OMG DMX please follow me please follow me please follow me.”

    • @ClaireMichelle — “if my fave celebs had social media back when I was a preteen I’m sure I would have posted some pretty embarassing things too” THIS!!!

  • HeatherLea

    I like the owl.. But did we haaaaveeee to make it look like an Angry Bird? LoL

  • Linnea

    I really feel sorry for that hamster:/ He is going to drag that poor thing on these meet and greet things, with screaming girls..
    omg poor hamster.. He’s going to get traumatized for life..

  • Megan

    Okay, that’s one he’s going to regret

  • Ama

    Personally I would have chosen a different spot to get that tattoo done at-not sure what, but I wouldn’t put it there. It’s his body though so—Whatever makes him happy. If he doesn’t like it eventually, he does have the money to get it removed.

    I’m not much of a rodent person(I have two ferrets-but they’re not rodents, that’s the smallest animal I’d have though). I think a hamster would be good for his lifestyle. They don’t require as much care/exercise/etc as a dog or cat or a different animal would.