Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Forgiveness,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


As news of Hurricane Sandy continued to flash across my television screen last night, all I could think was ‘this better not eff with Revenge.’ And thankfully, it didn’t (randomness: Lindsay Lohan also had the hurricane and Revenge on her brain last night as well… which aligns us in more ways than I’m comfortable with). Anyway, the winds are definitely picking up here in New York but hurricane or no, we have a Revenge recap to get into! Click inside for some ‘oh hell nawl’-ing of epic proportions!

One of my favorite things about last night’s episode of Revenge is that, in many ways, it went against everything we’ve come to expect about this show. I will never forget watching the first episode of the first season, and hearing ‘Emily’ say ‘this is not a story about forgiveness.’ Every time she does something cray-cray and I’m like, okay she’s going too damn far– I think back to that opening monologue. She’s out for revenge, and nothing else! So you can imagine my surprise when I heard her talking about forgiveness at the beginning of this episode. I knew we were about to see some new stuff! First off, Kara Clarke is probably the scariest thing we’ve seen since Victoria Grayson. I mean, this woman is wild! She just scares me, straight up.

And now that she’s kickin’ it in the Hamptons, I can’t imagine what kind of drama is gonna pop off. She and Victoria are getting their frienemy on and she’s also, like, this creepy, doting Grandma (unaware that baby Porter is not her actual grandson). And speaking of baby Porter… OMG! Jack is really, really a Dad… LMAO. That is just the cutest. And now that Carl’s Mommy is out of her coma (and yeah, that was a pretty brief coma), he’ll have a totally normal life… sort of… well, probably not. But okay, everyone’s alive so that’s a good start. This episode also gave us a lot of drama in the way of ‘Emily’s ex-boyfriends (Aiden and Daniel) hanging out together; hella awk. And we also got to see more of that creepy guy who wants in on Jack and Declan’s bar; sooo effed up! Though we did get a peek at a possible Declan/Charlotte reunion (I know PITNBRS Lulu and Thomas were totally into that, lol):

But the biggest shocker of the episode had to be the return of Mason Treadwell’s crazy ass. Aghhh! Where the hell did he come from, lol?! I can’t wait to see what kind of ish he’s gonna stir up. He’s sooo pissed at… everyone. Love it. And now, let’s get to it!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 5: Forgiveness

1. ‘Emily’ Looks A Hot Mess

When ‘Emily’ woke up next to Aiden at the beginning of the episode my first thought was ‘Oh shiiiiii-, did they get it on and poppin’?!‘ And then when I realized they’d slept on the couch, my second thought was ‘Emily looks a hot mess.‘ And that’s how I knew this was going to be a different kind of episode. ‘Emilyalways, always has her ish together no matter how things are going. Her mother’s arrival has been the only thing to really shake her up and we are seeing a truly vulnerable side to her, which necessarily includes some crazy bedhead. Everybody’s got their Daddy issues… but Mommy issues are on a whole. ‘Nother. Level. I like that this episode showed us that revenge-ing is fun, but eventually some kind of forgiveness is required. And it usually starts with a few rough nights, like the one ‘Emily’ had, lol.

Quote It: I needed someone. You walked through the door. Don’t let it go to your head.

2. Probably The Only Time We Ever Saw Victoria Grayson Looking STUPID Scared

OMG. This was awesome!!! When Kara showed the eff up at the Graysons home… the LOOK on Victoria’s face was lit’rally priceless. I am so glad the gods invented screen shots so I can just look at these images over and over again, LMAO!

All this time we haven’t really seen Victoria afraid of anything or anyone– not Conrad, not the white-haired man, not even ‘Emily’ or ‘Amanda.’ All of these people have been, like, minor inconveniences throughout the course of her life but Kara MOTHER**** Clarke had her shook! I love it. And I love that, once she got herself together, she did what she always does. She invited Kara for lunch, lmao.

Oh, and then invited her to stay at the Grayson manor. Typical Victoria. Always keeping her enemies (AKA everyone) closer.

3. Babies Make Life Happy… And Complicated

First of all, I love that we have a baby on Revenge! Lol, I’m not gonna lie. I got a lil’ teary-eyed when Fauxmanda woke up and held baby Carl for the first time. Sigh. *Memories* Okay. So here’s the thing about baby Carl. He’s awesome! Because he brought ‘Emily’ and her mom back together… although Kara has no clue who her actual daughter is… which sucks for ‘Emily.’ You could sooo tell she wanted her Mom to recognize her, to have that little magical Mommy button in her heart that would tell her who she was looking at. But it wasn’t so.

And how crazy was that moment when Kara was telling ‘Emily’ how, when she was younger, she was this sweet little gentle soul who wouldn’t hurt a spider? A lot’s changed since then! But you could tell it made ‘Emily’ feel good to hear something about her past from her mother. And then Mason showed up! WTF?! With a gorgeous bouquet of blue roses?! What is that?!

And why was he grilling the eff out of Kara?

Mason: Where have you been all these years?
Kara: Away.
Mason: That’s one of my favorite places!

But when ‘Amanda’ sat down and had that heart-to-heart with Kara, I was so glad that Kara kinda told the truth about being messed up and doing some grimey ish (although she didn’t speak directly to the whole drowning bit). But I think ‘Emily’ needed to hear that and seeing her get emotional was good, especially because I think it all led to her confessing to ‘Amanda’ about baby Carl really being Jack’s. That was definitely an oh hell yeah moment.

4. Aiden And Daniel Are Up To Some Ish (And So Is Padma… I think)

OMG, these two! I swear, these scenes with Aiden and Daniel sooo reminded me of the moment in Scandal when Mellie and Olivia started meeting up and hanging out. What is that?! It’s like, if you can’t be with the one you lurve then you gotta start hanging out with the other person they used to do the nasty with?! OMG. Stop it! Everyone. Seriously. Stop. Lol, okay so Aiden started snooping around Grayson Global because ‘Emily’ wanted him to, but then when she started giving him the cold shoulder he started having all these weird chill-sessions with Daniel. He found out that Padma was doing her own David Clarke-related snooping (omg poor Nolan)…

…and then he got all buddy-buddy with Daniel by giving him advice as to how to proceed. Sooo weird, right? I’m gonna assume that whatever he’s doing, it still pertains to ‘Emily’ and helping her stay on track (even though she keeps telling him to bugger off) but the last thing he said to her was kinda scary…

Quote It: You’ll soon find out I make a far better partner than enemy.

5. The Scariest File Folder Ever

OMG. WHAT IS MASON UP TO?! I cannot… I must know now what the eff is in that folder. Mason, strangely enough, has had the most contact with ‘Emily’ over the years, as he was the only one out of all the characters to see her while she was in state custody. That’s how he knew that Fauxmanda was not Amanda; he remembered a scar that had been on her back as a child. This ish is so cray!!! And he seems like he is back to unearth everyone’s secrets. That’s some scary ish for Victoria, Kara, ‘Emily, ‘Amanda,’ and pretty much the whole Hamptons population.

Quote it: Do you gag a little when you say that [word]? ‘Honestly?’ (Mason to Victoria)

Okay, so here are some questions for us to ponder… Is ‘Amanda’ really cool with ‘Emily’ after that big ass lie about Jack? And WTF is EVERYBODY (Aiden, Daniel, Victoria, Mason, everybody) up to??? Oh. And most importantly… are you ready for the Grayson wedding (le deux)??? LMAO! Those two are so sick. I Love it! And I can’t wait to hear everyone’s favorite moments from last night’s episode!

East Coasters– stay safe and dry!


  • Devonte

    This show…my nerves…can’t take…I just. Can’t. SO GOOD! That’s all I got to say…ERRbody is up to something…I just….can’t

    • Shannon

      Devonte, ‘ERRbody is up to something’ !!! I know RIGHT?! The show has always been drama-filled, but this is just cray!

  • blaqfury

    i gotta admit.. i had an “oh shoot” moment at the end, when mason confronted “Amanda”. This is about to get real…lol! Leave it to Mason to unravel everything… when does he have time to do this… shouldn’t he be off rebuilding his house or something…lol

    And finally “Emily” has been redeemed. I wasn’t really feeling her the past couple weeks, she has been humanized once again. I am so glad that she told “Amanda” the truth about Carl. That wrong needed to be righted. Victoria was thrown off her game for a second, but had a quick recovery. Victoria needs to be studied…lol, she is an amazing antagonist. I still don’t like the Kara storyline, but I guess I’m going to have to deal with it cause it doesn’t look like its ending anytime soon.

    I knew there was more to Padma than first met the eye. I really like her and Nolan together, but I was just waiting for the Padma Shoe to drop. Oh well… and man, can I say that Nolan falls hard, quick! He was ready to give Padma the world… after what, like a week…LOL! He needs to learn how to play hard to get…lol

    This was a great epi… Mason’s nosey-ness is now my new favorite storyline (with Daniel at a close second). Thanks for the recap…It made my day as I’m on house arrest due to Sandy…lol

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, I’m finally getting to these comments, post Sandy! Mason was so fun in this episode; I don’t where he had the time to get back into all this drama. I’m guessing he’s not re-writing those memoirs, lol!

  • rachel

    in that scene where mason confronts “amanda” (love “fauxmanda”, btw)… as he was walking away, my only thought was, “buh bye, mason. i think you’re going to have to die”…

    • Joan

      Yes, off with the Mason! I don’t like it when characters I love are threaten by characters I hate. It’s just too easy for me to pick sides. lol (The same thing happens to me when I watch Dexter.)

    • Shannon

      rachel, we have ClaireMichelle to thank for ‘Fauxmanda,’ lol. I love it too! I can’t believe you and Joan want Mason to die, lmao! I gotta find out what he knows first…

  • Thomas

    What an episode. I love that Emily apologized to Amanda this week and showed some humanity. Even though Emily is playing her like a pawn in her revenge chess game, Ems definitely owes Fauxmanda a lot for even switching identities with her. They are bonded whether they like it or not.

    “Lindsay Lohan also had the hurricane and Revenge on her brain last night as well… which aligns us in more ways than I’m comfortable with” – hahahahahahaha Shannon. I just died.

    LOVE the quotes – keep em in the recap! :)

    SO blown away by the ending and am really excited to see what this means for the entire Hampton bunch.

    • Thomas

      PS: The shot of Victoria holding the shears while hugging Kara really said it all for me. What an awesome piece of cinematography!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, damn I so wish I had taken a screen shot of that moment, lol! It WAS awesome. Glad you enjoyed another recap and yeah… LiLo and me… AWK.

  • Joan

    Funny that you say that Kara Clarke just flat out scared you because the actress is coming off playing Nancy’s Botwin’s sister on ‘Weeds’ and, let’s me tell you, SHE WAS WILD! lol I think she’s scares me more than she’s scaring you! I mean, when this woman learns the truth about Victoria and Co. she’s gonna be drowning some people! lol

    Ugh. I hate Mason. I cannot stand him. He is a repulsive character. He is my Reveng-y Dolores Umbridge. I just cannot stomach him. Someone kill him and Padma. Yeah, I SAID IT. OFF WITH PADMA! lol (I’m in a weird mood today. lol)

    I truly believe Amanda and Emily get each other and hold no real grudge between one and another. As I told you last week, they have a complicated relationship, using each other in their own way, but both with a full understanding that they ultimately care for each other. Now, when either one feels threatened, craziness seem to follow. I wonder what Fauxmanda/Emily is going to do now that Mason is poking on their business. (Did I mention I HATE Mason? OK. Just checking.)

    • Britney

      LOL, I think you are my soul-sister, Joan! I love Weeds and HP and was going to comment, but you said everything I was going to!

    • Joan

      haha, that’s awesome!

    • Shannon

      Joan, ‘she’s gonna be drowning some people!’ LMAO. Oh my gosh, she’s nuts.

      And yes, you did mention hating Mason, lol. I’m just so thirsty to see where he’s going with all this ish.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I am so surprised with myself that I am truly hoping Emily and Fauxmanda are able to get past all of this and can be real friends. WHO AM I?! I just really loved that moment with Emily apologizing, and would love for her to have another friend (obviously Nolan would still be her BEST friend). Also, if Padma hurts my Nolan I will kill a bitch. Kara scares the shit out of me, and even if she didn’t the fact that she unnerves Victoria like that scares me enough! Can’t wait for next week!!

    • Devonte

      You are SO RIGHT! The fact that Kara unnerved Victoria so much speaks VOLUMES on how scary she really is! Nothing scared Victoria…NOTHING until her so there has to be more…ugh…WHY IS THIS SHOW SOOO GOOD!!

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, that was a cool moment between the two of them. I think they could make good friends… but the Jack thing is still a THING. Now that ‘Emily’ has come clean to Fauxmanda, is anyone EVER gonna come clean to Jack who still thinks he’s having a baby with his childhood sweetheart???

      LMAO, ‘if Padma hurts my Nolan I will kill a bitch.’ I KNOW right?! You and nicole are sooo ready to pop off on her!

  • nicole

    i have a feeling me and ms. padma are goin to war. aint nobody aloud to hurt my nolan.

    and mason is totally the next one to get killed or to “disappear”

    • Shannon

      nicole, I must be the only one who wants Mason to stick around, lol! I don’t want him to mess with ‘Emily’ and Fauxmanda, but I DO want him to get at Victoria. We might all have to go down with her though, lol.

  • Lynne

    Well, I’m glad “Emily” came clean to “Amanda” about Jack being the real father and Amanda admitting that she was in the wrong for getting with Jack in the first damn place!
    “Jack deserves happiness.” Oh, YES he does!

    • Shannon

      Lynne, yes– it was sooo time for ‘Emily’ to tell the truth. It’s gonna be interesting to see what ends up happening with these two ladies and Jack, in the end.

  • Franki

    I think ‘Amanda’ &’ Emily’ are only going to get stronger as friends after this! But the whole Aiden thing against Nolan really pissed me off. I think Aiden just wants to put Emily in a tight spot so he can save the day at the end. I really wanted them to hook up, but if that’s the game he is playing…it better be one damn good makeup sex scene

    • Joan


    • Shannon

      Frankl, lmao. Where IS this makeup sex scene already?!

  • Tarah

    Is everybody missing the shocking moment where Aiden basically handed Nolan’s company up for Grayson Global’s taking? Maybe I misunderstood but it was definitely my oh hell nawl moment besides the end with Mason. Because of Padma’s snooping around and to show Emily he is a far worse enemy than friend, Aiden basically told Daniel that Grayson Global owns a controlling stock to Nolan’s company due to Daniel Clarke helping him to start out. You know that Daniel is going to use that information to get Grayson Global back on the map…poor Nolan.

    • ClaireMichelle

      I noticed that! I am hoping beyond hope that something goes wrong there. I don’t want Nolan to be screwed over because Aiden is having a hissy fit over Emily not doing things his way. Ughhhh.

    • Shannon

      Tarah, I def peeped that– I just can’t believe that it’s really gonna go down like that. I just expect Nolan or ‘Emily,’ to (at some point) catch on and shut it down. But I’m sure it’ll be more complicated than that.