Celebs Celebrate Hallowe’en 2012 At The Playboy Mansion


Because Hallowe’en falls midweek this coming Wednesday, the lion’s share of big Hallowe’en parties took place over the weekend last Saturday night. Among the big parties here in LA was the annual Hallowe’en party at the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner and his ladylove (again) Crystal Harris opened up the doors of the famed Playboy Mansion to some of their celebrity friends. Celebs like Neil Patrick Harris, Jeremy Renner, Sean P. Diddy Combs, Ne-Yo and more were invited to celebrate at the Castle of Lost Souls-themed soirĂ©e. Click below to see some photos from this weekend’s Hallowe’en fete at the Playboy Mansion to see some of the fun costumes that were on display at the event.

I understand the Mansion was transformed into a Castle of Lost Souls where the invited guests — celebrities, athletes and Playmates alike — were invited to stroll thru graveyards, stumble thru haunted houses and mingle with scary monsters and ghouls. No word on if said mosters and ghouls were topless or bottomless but considering the party setting, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were monster bobbies on display. You gotta give it up to NPH for deciding to go bare chested for the event. I’m guessing he was taken by the spirit of his surroundings and decided to show off some flesh himself. Altho I’m not really in the target audience for Playboy magazine, I have quite enjoyed some of their parties in the past and let me assure you, they are really fun. It looks like Hef managed to play host to another fabulous party.

[Photo credit: Elayne Lodge & Kenneth Johansson / Playboy]

  • Dot

    Diddy looked fantastic! Lol one of the best costumes this year.