An Amy Winehouse Play Will Premiere In January


For fans of Amy Winehouse this may or may not be good news. A theatre company in Copenhagen is working on a play on the life, times, and music of the late Amy Winehouse. Posthumous works can be tricky, depending on who is (and who is not involved). So far, Amy Winehouse’s family is not involved in this production and we know they’ve voiced concerns in the past over tributes to Amy, like that Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show back in January. Click inside to learn more about the upcoming show.

Complex has the story:

On January 30, the Danish Royal Theatre in Copenhagen will present a play based on the crazy life and tragic death of Amy Winehouse. The script is based on Winehouse’s public appearances, interviews, acceptance speeches, concerts, newspapers, and—of course—her songs. Actress Johanne Louise Schmidt, 29, will play the legendary songstress in the play that will open at the Red Room Theatre in January.

The performance focuses on the huge pressures that Amy felt with drug and alcohol consumption in the public eye. The Winehouse family has said it has nothing to do with the production.

Here’s a picture of the actress who’ll be playing Amy Winehouse:

Now since this is a theatre production, I think the musical aspect might be really interesting. And, if nothing else, this picture of the actress shows a pretty intense young woman, so perhaps she’ll be able to deliver a striking portrait of Amy Winehouse.  But I’m curious to hear from some of our big Winehouse fans. Does this production seem like a good idea?