The Cast Of ‘Revenge’ Gets Extra Naughty In A New Tyler Shields Photoshoot


If you ever caught the E! reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, then you probably remember Tyler Shields, the drama-inducing boyfriend of Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca. I caught a few of the episodes when it was on and Tyler was really the controversial character… I was not a huge fan. Reality TV personality aside, he’s also a talented photographer (we’ve seen plenty of his work with Lindsay Lohan) and a huge fan of one of my favorite shows, Revenge. Tyler has been sharing some ah-mazing photo shoots of the Revenge cast on his official website for the past few months and I had to show y’all some of these images. It’s just crazy fun to see these characters getting  reimagined in cool ways. And although he’s done the ‘gun’ thing before, I think it was an appropriate prop,  given the revenge-y characters he was working with. Tyler’s Chromatic series is esepecially impressive, as it renders many of our fave people totally unrecognizable. I love it! And I think all of you who’ve been joining me in the Revenge recaps will love it too. Peep the gallery for more!


  • Thomas

    I’ve seen these photos before and I really like them. The one of the four boys makes me laugh since Gabriel looks like he’s in briefs compared to the others in jeans. Love the one of Josh & Emily from the ‘Chromatic’ series. Very different photos but they definitely fit the vibe of the show!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, LMAO! I noticed that about the pic of the guys. And yes, the Chromatic shots are so cool! I even like the ones where you can’t make out the cast; it looks so fun.