Leighton Meester Of ‘Gossip Girls’ Gets A Major Haircut


Now everyone calm down! Calm. Down. It’s not a Miley Cyrus-esque situation that we’re dealing with here. It’s just a haircut… everyone gets them. And it’ll be fine. But it’s still kind of major. Leighton Meester just wrapped Gossip Girls and didn’t waste any time moving on from her role as Blair Waldorf. The actress showed up at a Flaunt magazine party with a fresh new ‘do that Gossip Girls fans may or may not like. Click inside for deets!

Here’s what People had to say about the new look on Leighton:

The actress showed off her choppy above-the-shoulder bob at a Flaunt Magazine party in West Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday.

Last month, the star hinted to The Cut that she might do away with her character’s signature long, wavy locks after the show finished filming. “I haven’t really been able to change my hair for six years — and I used to do it all the time,” she said. “So I think if the mood strikes me, I’ll cut my hair or dye it or try different things.”

Now, I don’t looove this picture of Leighton (you can see a few more pics here) and I think the cut may look better in person. I dunno… don’t quote me on that, lol. Right now it’s just looking a little too choppy for my liking and even though I didn’t watch Gossip Girls, I’m used to seeing Leighton with all that hair! Remember that Vogue China spread she did a while back? Insane! But I’m sure I’ll adjust to the new look soon enough, lol. Plus I can understand that she’s been a little bored having to stick to one look, so more power to her!

What do y’all think of Leighton’s hair? You likey?

[Source] [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

  • nicole

    im not a fan. maybe if it was styled differently? its just not a cute bob.

  • Erin Harder

    This looks awful. It looks like she cut it herself, without a mirror.

  • Krissy

    There’s “choppy” and then there’s “I went at it with a dull hatchet”. Sadly, I think this looks like option #2. The layers are too uneven, IMO.

  • Serenity

    Have you ever put your hair in a ponytail and then something happens and most of it falls out, but the longer pieces are still tied back? That’s what this looks like to me. It’s like she didn’t cut it, but it’s just fallen out of whatever it was originally in.