Bobbi Kristina Brown May Have A Serious Drinking Problem


Last week we got our first look at the new Lifetime reality series The Houstons: On Our Own. Now I, for one, had no real plans to watch the show, but stumbled across the premiere the other night and had the unfortunate experience of watching the last five minutes of the show. It was bad and by ‘it was bad’ I mean ‘Bobbi Kristina was completely wasted’ (words slurring and all) for the final scene. Her father, Bobbi Brown, just got his second DUI of the year and we know addiction played a major part in the untimely death of her mother Whitney Houston. It really, really sucked to see Bobbi Kristina like that and it sucks to hear that her drinking may have gotten worse since filming for the reality show wrapped. Click inside for more.

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TMZ has the report:

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has a serious drinking problem … so say family members and close friends who tell TMZ it’s gotten even worse since she finished taping her reality show … and they fear she could die unless she does something about it.

We broke the story … many people close to B.K. feel she has allowed some of Whitney’s enablers to get heavily involved in her life … and if Bobbi doesn’t cut them out soon, she’s doomed to the same fate as her mom.

Those people — sources say — include various individuals who knew about Whitney’s problems, but didn’t take action when the singer’s life was spiraling out of control.

Bobbi’s problems were highlighted during the premiere episode of her Lifetime series, “The Houstons: On Our Own” … which featured 19-year-old Bobbi slamming wine and slurring. The episode was taped a few months ago … and our sources say the boozing has only gotten worse since the show wrapped.

During a tease for an upcoming episode, an emotional Pat Houston suggests taking Bobbi to California … where Whitney received treatment from a drug counselor before she died.

Sources close to B.K. tell us … they DON’T WANT Bobbi to see the same counselor, because they feel he did not help Whitney … and will fail again with Bobbi.

Ugh. This is just… bad. And the clip that I saw after that episode ended just showed more drama, including family members rushing Bobbi Kristina to the hospital. Now nobody can tell anybody else how to grieve but Bobbi Kris was already drinking before she lost her mother, so I can imagine such a loss is only amplifying whatever issues she might have already had. This is all beyond tragic and hopefully her family members are really, truly concerned (as I think they should be), and will help her develop some healthier practices.

Did anybody watch the full episode? Did it look all kinds of trainwreck-ish?