Watch: Justin Bieber Talks To Oprah Winfrey About Selena Gomez


Justin Bieber will sit down to chat with Oprah Winfrey on her new interview series Oprah’s Next Chapter and among the various topics of discussion he will share with the Big O, JB talks about his adorably cute and entirely romantic relationship with fellow popstar Selena Gomez. Oprah was a guest anchor on Good Morning America this week and she brought with her a clip of her interview with The Biebs. Check out the clip above to get your FIRST TASTE of JB’s interview with Oprah … and I dare you not to AWWWWW! out loud when you hear him talk about his lurve for Selena ;)

  • DC

    sorry Trent, I didn’t go AWWW but then again i’m not much for the lovey dovey things :P

  • Megan

    That was cute. But what is with the weird spinney figures they have on the screen with the videos? Who thought that was cool?