Hilary Duff Shows Off Her New Tattoo


For the past few months, Hilary Duff has been sharing the most adorable photos of her newborn son Luca Cruz with her followers on Twitter. Yesterday, Hilary shared a photo of herself that might be of some interest to fans. Hil D. rolled into the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, CA to get a new tattoo inked on her arm. Click below to see a photo of Hilary in the tattoo parlor chair and a photo of the finished product.

dr_woo_ssc pretty bird ;)

I believe this new sparrow tattoo is her third overall. I seem to recall that Hilary has a tattoo on her foot and another on her hand. It seems pretty clear to me that this little bird is representative of her baby boy Luca. The words Stand By Me might be a constant reminder of her role as mother to the little dude. I think this is a great tattoo with very special meaning for Hilary. What do y’all think of her new ink? Do you like it?


  • Matthew

    “Stand By Me” was also the first song she and Mike danced to at their wedding. :-)

  • neverbetamed113

    Hilary actually has a couple different tattoos, I want to say about 6 or 7.

    “Stand By Me” was definitely her wedding song, and I’m fairly certain that that’s why she has it tattooed on her arm. Maybe the sparrow represents the life that she, and Mike, created in Luca?

  • Amy

    Hilary actually has 7 tattoos, so this would be her 8th :) one on each foot (“Let It Be” & an anchor), one on the inside of her right middle finger (“shine”), one on her right side (“ma petite amie”), some kind of star on the back of her neck, a wishbone on the side of her right wrist and “Thick as Thieves” on one of her arms. They are all very subtle.

    Like the others said, her new tattoo is probably because “Stand By Me” was Mike & Hilary’s wedding song and the Sparrow generally represents “love” — so that would make perfect sense that she put those two things together :)

  • miguel

    LOVE IT. She always gets the cutest tatts. :)

  • Jani

    …by the way, she had the “stand by me” one before, just added the little sparrow to it. pretty sure I saw a picture of it months ago. =)