Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From Last Night’s ‘Scandal’ Episode: ‘Beltway Unbuckled’


You know. I was a little peeved that my invite to that Vogue party was lost in the mail… until I remembered that I was busy watching the inSAnitY that was last night’s episode of Scandal! So I wasn’t gonna make it to that lil’ shindig anyway. Last week’s recap was crazy fun and we’re back at it again today. Click inside to check out the top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ moments of the night!

Now last week PITNBR nicole mentioned that the fictional POTUS we all know and lurve has been getting it from all angles. FLOTUS (AKA Mellie) was coming at him, and Olivia was done with his naughty woodsman shenanigans. He just couldn’t win (that’s kinda what happens when you… ya know… cheat). And this episode opened up with more proof of that:

The leader of the free world sleepin’ on the damn couch! Only in America, folks. And Mellie was still mad at him– even made a joke about Olivia Pope-related erections he may or may not be having at night, lmao. And then the Beltway Unbuckled story was crrraaayyy. I kinda wished I hadn’t watched that sneak peek, ’cause it would have been such a surprise to learn that the girl they were looking for was into some scandalous ish. Once we found out that she was hooking up with hella politicians and then blogging about it, I think we knew it was a wrap for her. And what the hell is the Senator doing all up in the Gladiator meetings?! Is he a client, an ex-boo, or a new member of Olivia Pope & Associates??? Or all three? I dunno, but you can totally tell he’s about to start putting those moves back on our girl. And although I don’t want to see them back together, I am interested in finding out more about their old relationship, and how Olivia transitioned out of that and into President Fitz’s arms. In this episode we also got to see more in the way of the craziest hook-up ever: Abby and David’s. And I think we’re going to see more of these two, especially considering that they’re both very curious about WTF Olivia Pope is really about, and why she saved Quinn. Lots of other madness ensued, so let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal, Season 2, Episode 4: Beltway Unbuckled

1. It’s Nice To Meet You Whiskey, I’m Cocaine

We didn’t really get to talk about Huck during the last recap but PITNBRS fab4runner and blaqfurytotally reminded me of his general awesomeness. Can I just say that I effing LOVE Huck?! Now, I still refer to him as Guillermo (because of his role on Weeds… and because it’s his real name), and it has been so cool to watch him take on so many different roles over the years. His character on Scandal, though, is probably my fave. And now that he’s attending these AA sessions– and pretending he’s addicted to whiskey because there’s no support group for people who like to, um, kill– I just love his little confessionals! He’s so friggen intense, which is why it makes no sense that every time I see him I just want to hug him and rub his little belly, lmao! Anyway, I loved seeing him (as “Whiskey”)  chatting it up with “Cocaine,” who totally seems to be crushing on him. But the best Huck moment of the night came at the end when he “took care of” the Kurkistani Diplomat who was about to get away with murder. And he did at the perfect time, as the murdered girl’s father was about to go HAM… having no idea that nobody goes HAM like Huck!

2. Let The Slut-Shaming Begin

Now ya’ll know when I heard Abby say this line I was cracking up, thinking about yesterday’s conversation on slut-shaming versus slut-celebrating. We won’t get into whether or not the Beltway Unbuckled girl was a slut or not (especially since I’m kinda over that word) but I really loved this storyline. Scandal is awesome because Olivia’s clients are not always good people, but they’re always her clients. The Beltway Unbuckled girl was also another woman who got seriously effed over while playing some sort of sex game with politicians– remember Amanda Tanner from Season 1??? Scandal sends a strong message about sex and (or in) politics– the combination is inevitable but the results are often volatile. Olivia Pope herself is a great example of this.

3. This Love Triangle Just Got [Wayyyy More] Awkward

Olivia and Mellie. OMG. What are y’all doing?!?! Okay, let me back up. So, this episode showed us more of Mellie… who is not trying to be in the President’s shadow for much longer. When she went OFF about the little boy vomiting on her dress, we knew something was about to pop off. ‘Top of my class at Harvard! Top of my class at Yale Law! And this is what I’ve been reduced to?‘ LMAO! She is sooo not about that stay-at-home FLOTUS life. I love it.

But then, when she called Olivia to get involved in the protest against Beltway Unbuckled girl’s killer (and his Diplomatic Immunity, which the President refused to budge on), I was like these two are craaay. But I loved it! Because we also got to see that there’s something like-minded in the two of them, which is why President Fitz just had to sit there like, these women are beating me at my own game. They are “political geniuses” and he’s just a politician, lol! I mean… he’s awesome, but Mellie and Liv are something else. Also, I know y’all caught the moment when he described the two of them to Cyrus as ‘My wife and my… and Olivia Pope.’ LOL. We get it, Fitz. No label will suffice…

4. The Quietest Restaurant Ever

OMG. That moment when Olivia went to meet Cyrus at the restaurant… and got dumped! Oh hellllll nawl! But she was warned. WE were warned! The big-wig judge who was secretly going through chemotherapy told Olivia she was ‘poking a bear’! And she warned her that if she did succeed in pushing Fitz away, she’d probably be miserable. So when she showed up at that restaurant and suddenly NOBODY was in there, you kinda thought something bad was about to pop off… like… something related to death. Lol. But instead it was President Fitz. And he ended it. And it sucked. Did you see the LOOK on Olivia’s face?!

Anyway, he technically asked her to come out of town with him first. And then she said no. And then he dumped her. So yeah. Awkward.

Quote It: You two breathe in sync.

5. WTF Is This Roundtable All About?!
Okay, one of the cool parts about this episode is that we got a little deeper into the Quinn drama. David and Abby are still getting it on and poppin. So there’s that.

But David also made some headway with his investigation into what really, really went down in the case that he lost against Olivia Pope & Associates. And by the end of the episode we see all these hella familiar faces showing up in one room to figure out how to further bury the secret (I’m assuming). But I was shocked! Mellie?! The Judge? Cyrus? Olivia?! What are y’all all doing together in one place, at the same damn time?! It’s like that moment when you realize only 5 people control the world– and here they are:

Madness!!!! Sheer. Madness. And once again, we are forced to wait two whole weeks for another episode. So tragic. Although, I may use that time to watch old seasons of The Good Wife, which I started watching this week and YES, I love it!

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s fave moments from last night’s episode of Scandal! Are Fitz and Liv really dunzo??? And what in the world is Mellie’s next move? She sure was happy to see the President get on that helicopter, lol!


  • Fifi4life

    Shannon…. man was last night’s episode awesome. I had to pick my jaw off the ground during that last scene, I mean seriously what the hell is really going on? A poor Mr. Prez , flying overhead nursing a broken heart clueless as to what is going on literally below him. Ha!

    I love Huck to, he just seems so broken, and I also want to just hug him. Him holding hands with “cocaine” almost made me tear up.

    Olivia’s face when she got dumped was priceless! She’s been asking for this all along, but now it’s really happening, she can’t handle it.

    The first lady is kind of “witch” and I think I love it, lol.

    Oh Abby, I really just want to reach through the screen and smack ( Ahem… I don’t condone violence), but seriously she might be Olivia’s demise if she keeps it up.

    Side note, on the Good Wife, I marathoned watched the first season last year. I was totally hooked! It is an awesome show. Will and Alicia forever… probably won’t happen though:(

    • Shannon

      Fifi4life, last night was insane, lol! Here’s my thing about Abby– we NEED her! Because so many of the Gladiators just worship Olivia (and rightfully so), there’s gotta be that one person who’s like WTF? Olivia has so many secrets and Abby is kind of a know-it-all (I see a bit of myself in her, lol) so it really bugs her to have this person who knows so much about her and everyone else, but shares little about herself. So I like that we have a character like her, even though she is hella snarky sometimes.

      Can’t wait to catch up on The Good Wife! I was sooo avoiding watching the new episodes because I’ve never watched the show and finally I just had to do it. So I have a million questions, which means a marathon is much-needed right now :)

  • Khristopher Ranger

    What’s with all the posts about this show? I would understand if this was a blog about the show or TV in general, but why is this show getting so much attention?

    • Fifi4life

      You know if the recaps bother you so much, don’t read them. They’re just two shows that Shannon recaps, I don’t see how that’s overkill.

    • Khristopher Ranger

      It’s not about them bothering me. I just asked a question. To which I did not get an actual answer, just people whining to not watch it.

    • Shannon

      Khristopher Ranger, you’re right. You didn’t get an answer. My stan-dom got the best of me, lol.

      I didn’t think this show was getting any more attention than ‘Revenge’ ‘American Idol’ ‘Dexter’ or any of the other shows we talk about on a regular basis. Like Fifi4life said, it just happens to be one of two shows that get a weekly recap. And I usually post a sneak peek the night of. So, two posts a week (and the recaps only started last week) just doesn’t seem like a helluva lot of attention. Hell, we give LiLo and Riri more attention than that! PITNB is a gossip/pop culture blog. Scandal is relevant to pop culture (and lots of other things), so I figure it’s worth at least two posts a week.

    • Shannon

      Khristopher Ranger, you blaspheme on a ‘Scandal’ post!!! Lol…

    • Lulu

      Agreed, if you don’t like them, skip ’em! :)

      Loved this episode, and totally dropped my jaw at the last scene.

      Huck is my fav too.. For someone with such dark tendencies he can be so sweet. He seems to watch out for Quinn, and now holding Cocaine’s hand. Love.

      Abby totally rubs me the wrong way, but that’s the point, and I agree that we need her.

      I’ve never been a Millie fan, but loved that she did the right thing when Fitz wouldn’t. :)

    • Shannon

      Lulu, I like that Millie stepped up, but I reeeallly liked that she saw the tragedy as an opportunity for her to strut some politickin’ stuff. She’s always very strategic, which I love/hate (she’s got a little Victoria Grayson in her, lol).

  • Courtney

    OK. Loved the last scene. I really want to know the back story of that whole group and what awesomness they have achieved. haha

    Abby has ALWAYS annoyed my soul. She’s too nosey. But i guess every show needs that person.

    Olivia knows good and well that she wants to forever knock boots with the president. And him telling her they were over crushed her.

    Millie is amazing. I LOVE how she always has a plan. and can bounce back from anything.

    This show makes my Thursday’s oh so perfect…

    • Shannon

      Courtney, yes– Thursdays now RULE. Millie is really something else; I’m almost scared to find out what she has planned this season, lol.

  • Thomas

    I wasn’t sure that an episode could top last week’s but I was wrong. This week’s episode was BANANAS. I LOVE Millie – I think she plays deceptive so well.

    Although I liked a ‘shocker’ that the innocent daughter was sleeping around but I thought the story was lacking something. Maybe I wanted a little more depth into her death I guess?

    I must say Kerry & Tony usually hit it out of the park with their chemistry (as Shannon pointed out last week) but this week I loved seeing so many different emotions, especially when Liv went to the White House to ask for a favour and they played almost angry at each other and then last in the restaurant.

    Abby and David, I’m very interested to see where this storyline goes, especially when Liv finds out!!

    Wow, the ending! I was yelling at the TV since I was so confused! My parents were definitely wondering what was going on haha!

    • Thomas

      PS: So can’t believe that we have to wait TWO WEEKS again!!! I’m wondering if, in part, this is because they are going to do a short season again?

    • Shannon

      Thomas, ahhh! Maybe you’re right about another short season… I don’t know how I feel about that, lol.

      I LOVE angry Liv/Fitz!’ It’s awesome because they’re so obsessed with each other, and so damn star-crossed, so they get soooo pissed off when things don’t pan out. It’s adorable, lol.

    • Thomas
  • nicole

    when the first lady wanted to meet up with Olivia …then that ending… all kinds of WOW.

    • Shannon

      nicole, the First Lady will lit’rally stop at NOTHING. I always think of the end of the first season, when we first started watching Liv and Fitz fall in love– and Mellie lied to that women’s group about a ‘miscarriage’ because he was lacking women votes…. AGHHH! She’s ruthless and so ambitious, it’s scary.

  • Carl

    This episode blew my mind…I mean SERIOUSLY?! How deep does this shit go???

    Huck really broke my heart this week, I felt so damn bad for him. I think even more than I felt for Olivia when Fitz dumped her (though don’t get me wrong, I felt her pain too). This show is such an absolute roller coaster, I love it!

    • Shannon

      Carl, Huck is a total heartbreaker, in the non-traditional sense… lol. I still can’t believe we have to wait two seeks to get answers to important questions like ‘how deep does this shit go???’ LOL

  • blaqfury

    Another great episode. My two fav characters are the worse on the show. A murderer and a manipulative woman, but shucks. I love me some Huck & Mellie. I am very curious about the whole group and especially how Huck & Liv met. But this round table is extremely intriguing. Can’t wait to learn more. I hope they don’t over complicate things, cause I can see it going down that path real quick.

    Abby needs to go sit down. That’s all I got to say about that.

    FINALLY! You’re onto the good wife, I’ve been trying to get you to watch it since your post on Graham Phillips! Told you that you would love it. Lol! Welcome to the club.

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, I def thought about you as I caught up on this season of Good Wife. When I saw the episode where Graham was fighting back after he got pulled over I was like, ‘Look at my baby!!!’ LOL. But yeah, I’m in there. Thanks for such a strong recommendation :)

  • fab4runner

    Okay so I finallyyy got around to watching this episode…and UGH! So many questions! I didn’t even get to see that last scene with everyone at the table. Not okay abc dot com. What the heckkkk is going on with this Quinn thing?? Need to know.

    I definitely love that Huck is getting a bigger storyline. I just love, love, love him. But I am also really worried for him. I wasn’t sad to see a murderer go, but he can’t just go around killing people.

    Mellie was amazing this episode. I want to hate her but I just can’t. Very similar to Peter in the Good Wife. He actually seems like an okay dude but I am so pro-Will and Alicia that I can’t actually like him. I feel that way about Fitz, Olivia and Mellie, too.

    David and Abby – blah. I definitely agree that she is super necessary for the show, but she has gotten progressively more annoying. And I used to like David, but now he just seems like a creepy psycho user…and I am not a fan.

    Can’t wait for the next episode! Also, yay Good Wife! It’s fantastic.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, I just saw this comment– you’re kind of right about Huck. He’s gotta be careful with that whole killing people thing, right? And David is kind of annoying as a crusader, but somebody’s gotta sort of pursue Olivia Pope & Associates; that’s how we learn more, lol.