Courtney Love Is Reportedly Making A Nirvana Broadway Musical


So. You know how you’ve always wondered what Nirvana’s music would sound like on Broadway? Oh. Wait. You’ve never, ever in life wondered about what Nirvana’s music would sounds like on Broadway. Okay, then we may have a problem here. Courtney Lovethe ever-controversial widow of Kurt Cobain, has teamed up with the one and only Sam Lufti (AKA Britney Spears’s former manager who’s also known for being shadier than, like, anyone) to bring us the Nirvana musical (or movie) we’ve not been waiting for. But something is in the works whether we like it or not. Click inside for deets!

Complex has the story:

There is no possible way this is going to go well, but hey, don’t shoot the messenger: According to VultureCourtney Love has teamed up with Britney Spears’ super shady ex-manager Sam Lufti to work on a, get ready for it, musical about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

Lufti revealed the news yesterday while testifying on the witness stand in his lawsuit against Spears and her mother. “[Courtney Love and I] are currently working on a possible motion picture or Broadway musical based on the Nirvana catalogue, based on her life and Kurt Cobain’s,” he said, later telling the New York Daily News that “it’s an idea,” and “I’m sorry. I can’t say anything more.”

Sooo there’s that to either be excited… or concerned about. Now I’m not the Broadway expert around these parts… but I’m still gonna go ahead and say that this sounds… like a bad idea. From what I understand, Courtney Lovedoes not have the rights to Nirvana’s music (she specifically lost the rights to Kurt Cobain’s image to her own daughter Frances Bean Cobain– of whom she also lost custody) so that could certainly be an issue. And I also understand that Courtney Love is a teeny bit cray cray, which could also pose some technical difficulties on this project. Although, she was able to pull together her own fashion line recently, called Never The Bride.

What do y’all think of the news? And if the Nirvana musical turns out to be a Nirvana movie, does that make it any better?


  • emily

    No, no, world of no. Two soul sucking individuals (Sam & Courtney) working together to draw blood from a stone. Courtney always took the heat for being a terrible husband to Kurt, many blamed her for his suicide, and she has done nothing through the years to prove otherwise. She’s still trying to capitalize on his name … girl, make some money with your own name! It might still be worth something in some small circles. But instead, she clings to an easier way out … trying to draw whatever money she can from her late husband’s name. I feel so bad for her daughter. I had read that article you linked to about how Courtney lost control of Kurt’s estate to her daughter when she took a $2.75 Mill dollar loan out of Frances’ trust fund. Sweet jebus, this sounds like a Lohan move to me. Actually, now that I think about it Courtney and Mama Lohan have a lot in common – drug use, alienating their family, taking advantage of their daughters … Why hasn’t this comparison been made before?

    • @emily — “Two soul sucking individuals (Sam & Courtney) working together to draw blood from a stone” AMEN! PREACH!!!!!

    • Shannon

      emily, you’re so right to compare DiLo and CoLo! It’s scary what kind of damage a DEEPLY troubled mother can cause.

      Trent, LMAO! I KNOW right?! emily went iiiiinnnn :)