A Spooky Night On The Queen Mary


As much as I HATE haunted houses, I seem to always get invited to visit them with friends. Last night, a group of peeps got together in Long Beach, CA for a night of fun at The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Hallowe’en extravaganza and, to be honest, I had the best time. See, I go to these things to hang out with friends … and only suffer thru the haunted attractions sparingly. I had never been aboard The Queen Mary ship so I decided the spookiness was worth the effort. Of the 6 haunted mazes, I went thru 4 of them … and I actually did have fun :) Click below to see some fun photos from my scary night.

I was either holding on DEARLY to my friend Genevieve or I was holding on tightly to Tamar but I have to give MUCH love to both ladies for letting me cower all up on them. Tam and I actually discovered the secret to making it thru these haunted mazes without being scared … we have these long conversations about whatever and are so distracted that we don’t get too scared (also the actors inside leave us alone). We rule!

Today, Ollie and I are driving down to San Diego, CA for the night so that we can run the Awesome 80’s Run down there tomorrow morning. Ollie missed out on the Awesome 80’s Run last month so I decided to run the race again with her this weekend. So, this weekend will be another bizzy running weekend for me. I have a 10K tomorrow morning, then drive back to LA. Then my next Half Marathon in downtown LA Sunday morning. Keep a good thought, y’all. Have a great weekend!!