Watch: Josh Duhamel And Julianne Hough Light Up The Trailer For ‘Safe Haven’


Well, let me just say that this trailer isn’t as sexy as the one we just saw for Chris Messina’s new flick, but that’s totally okay. The writer of The Notebook and Dear John has lent his work to another movie adaptation and Safe Haven tells a similar story of star-crossed lovers who’ve got hella odds to beat if they’re gonna continue to get it on and poppin.’ I’m telling you– this plot never gets old, lol! Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough (who is stepping away from her recent roles in dance flicks like Rock Of Ages and Footloose) look like an okay pair– I wasn’t blown away by their chemistry in the trailer. Still, they did have a scene that totally reminded me of Olivia and the President in last week’s episode of Scandal, so that pleased me in more ways than one. What? LMAO, peep the trailer for more! Oh, and Lasse Hallström– the guy who brought us Dear John, Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, and Chocolat (Chocolat!!!)– is directing!


  • Hopey87

    I really hoped Sparks might finally have gotten round to writing some fresh scenes….yet again, seems like we have only more regurtitated moments from The Notebook. Other parts of it look pretty though, sure! ;)

    • Adam Hutchens

      Funny, I was thinking it looked like a remake of Sleeping with the Enemy.

    • Krissy

      I have a confession to make. I read this book. I know, I know…but I was at the airport and I needed to grab a book fast and the other option was something about witches.

      Adam, this book included a scene at the fair where she is on the farris wheel and her ex is watching her…just like SWTE! Overall it was pretty predictable, but I didn’t expect the incredibly cheesy “twist” at the end.

  • Deb Hodgon

    Not even the yummy Josh could make me see this movie. I loathe Nicholas Sparks anything and still maintain that The Notebook is the worst movie ever.

  • nicole

    the only problem with Nicholas Sparks, 99% of his books are pretty much based in the same place, and its always a summer love. it gets so repetitive, that the movies always seem decent but not great.

  • Luna

    Why does Julianna look so old in every photo that I see her? Isn’t she supposed to be in her early 20s? Girl needs to lay off the makeup (or partying) and drink more green tea hahahah

  • Shannon m.

    Alright, i’m pumped for this film. Nicholas Sparks is my not-so-guilty pleasure. Having read every single one of his books (..ugh) I can say i’ve been disappointed with movie adaptions because of all the important parts they cut out (Dear John, The Last Song, The Lucky One) so I’m prepared for that to happen to this one too. However, I’m excited. Everyone needs a good chick flick.

    • nicole

      i noticed that too. i know they have to make some changes (because lets face it, sometimes his books drag on for a bit), but they make a lot of unnecessary changes that ends up ruining everything.